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Moderating and Censorship Guidelines

Courtesy and deference are the oil of society. Anonymity breeds obnoxiousness so be yourself. IOW, please, if you can’t man up and use your real name, at least act and speak (write) the way you would in person. If you really would make those comments in a crude, disparaging, and angry way in person then we will deal with you the same way you would be dealt with if you did that in a public place – you’ll be warned, but if you insist on being a repeat offender your e-presence will be tossed. There is value to be gained through anonymity if it gives the writer the courage to speak the truth where personal accountability might prevent this. One can think of several examples of how anonymity can be a benefit. However, it can also offer the opportunity to say things that are simply not true as well. If anonymity allows you to boast, spin a yarn or cover over your known flaws, that is your prerogative. However, if you think that will give you license to engage in personal attacks you are deluded. In particular, slander will not be tolerated on this website. If you disagree with a comment or article, or want to add a correction, you ought to be able to do it without resorting to personal insults. Besides, we’re talking backcountry skiing and snowboarding here. If you want to be a jerk, there’s plenty of other places that allow that level of immature behavior and you’ll find more like minded posers to argue with in those under-moderated forums.