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  • The Oscar Thread

    Ah, f the oscars, I could give a damn, though they are some indication of what is good. More to the point, what is good, what have you enjoyed?

    There seems to be much of good stuff out there, and I don't just mean Believe.

    We saw American Hustle last night. It was awesome. Jennifer Lawrence is a hoot.

    We also saw Parkland recently. It was awesome too. In a way, both are examples of great moviemaking. They show it rather than tell it, don't have any obvious agenda (in particular, Parkland), are chock full of different perspectives and emotional reactions and the camera work is interesting without being cliche. Two thumbs up on both.

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    I recently watched a good one: "Weapons of Ass Destruction". Plot was a bit muddy....great action, chases and other stuff I never thought was humanly possible.