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Boehner expounds on conservative naysayers

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  • Boehner expounds on conservative naysayers

    John Boehner had reached his limit. In a meeting with his House colleagues to discuss Wednesday’s budget agreement, the House speaker finally let loose on the conservative groups that have been roiling Republican politics. Organizations like the Club for Growth and Heritage Action had opposed the plan without even knowing its details, said Boehner, because their true goal was to raise money and expand their organizations, not fight for any particular principle or policy.
    Would this be less true if someone like me were saying the same thing?

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    Cool, an intelligent conversation for at least the next 30 seconds. Your question is probably answered with a yes even if it were for no good reason. I find this blow back fascinating and wonder where it will lead. I would guess once the next election campaign kicks in the GOP will revert back to trying to please the vocal minority no matter who it is.

    To bad that quote was written with such a bias. It really did not need to be.
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      Of course it's biased, it's from slate. Also, it's secondhand, so I doubt anyone can report exactly what he said. Bit even if the gist is true... it's sort of saying that grassroots money makes for total dysfunction because the moneygrubbers make more money by being in opposition.


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        I would guess the "gist" is very true. I have heard grumbling like this for some time. I think it would be great if it gained some traction. Perhaps the recent bipartisan budget agreement reflects this. I don't know I have been a bit lax in reading lately but can't help but think that Boehner and a few others have the clout right not to seriously rub some noses in the mess they made. Like I said I hope it lasts but the pessimist in me thinks otherwise.


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          A lot of pundits have agreed that the Repubs. will have to get more centrists to regain seats. I saw the footage when he makes these comments that the groups in opposition couldn't have even read the legislation and that they polarize the conservative base and his disgust seemed genuine, for a politician at least. Most commentators also agree that in preparing for an election cycle it was a gift to a potential candidate like Paul Ryan to have his name on this bill. In my opinion he is far from being a centrist candidate and I don't think they could paint him as one this late in the game. I watched a piece of video journalism on him, certainly it was compiled by the opposition, but I was surprised that for a guy wanting mainstream appeal he has stood in front of some pretty extreme fringe groups and expounded a pretty extreme philosophy repeatedly. Ayn Rand, really? I went through a phase in college and read everything she wrote, but never confused it for anything other than fiction. She can hardly be taken very seriously as a philosopher in my opinion.


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            I have never read anything by Rand but figure this is the OT so when I have more time I will offer up some of my expert opinions.


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              She's an interesting lady. First generation immigrant, self-made novelist, personal friend to Milton Friedman and a pretty decent writer. I enjoy her characters, but her books are LONG. Even by my standards as a lit. guy. They read as much trashy romance novel as philosophy. The problem is that it's fiction. The kind of fiction a guy like Paul Ryan can really get behind. I don't think anyone has ever taken her political theory seriously until the Tea Party bit into it with mouth's wide open. Let's just say it lacks compassion. Kinda like your comment about healthcare, James. You either believe in letting people die in the streets because they deserve it, or not.


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                Originally posted by James View Post
                I have never read anything by Rand but figure this is the OT so when I have more time I will offer up some of my expert opinions.
                She's the darling of the far right..
                Her "Philosophy" goes ignored in
                most Philosophy departments in
                most universities because it's just
                so respectably rational..
                It's far closer to economics and political
                religion than philosophy, and should never
                be sold as such..Pap
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                  I read a few of Rand's books, they're classics, Atlas is a pretty decent read, never really got bored, kinda liked it; I won't admit that around liberals cuz they'll fire up the tar pot

                  Going to extremes for the purpose of fiction is all good and nice, but reality is much more bland. Neither party will do well to get too extreme, they gotta stay with the cattle, all while maintaining their supposed party affiliation. At any one time there are dems who could pass for reps, and vice versa.

                  I think it would suck to have your vote so heavilly influenced by others, but then if you represent a "population", your vote is still split among thousands, so they can't ever win for trying.

                  Hell, who are we trying to fool, politicians have never been anything but jockeys, face time, appearing to do the right thing, it has always been "politics as usual".

                  I'm just glad that my job is a little more satisfying.