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Where were you when JFK shot?

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  • Where were you when JFK shot?

    I was six years old, in first grade, at a Catholic school. The announcement came over the classroom intercom. The message was that Kennedy was shot in a caravan in Texas. For you youngsters Kennedy was the first president that was Catholic. The nuns (teachers) were all crying and in shock. Me, I had no idea what a caravan was but I did know what a cavern was. Texas meant Daniel Boone and the Alamo. So I thought Kennedy was shot in a cave by a bandit with the double bullet belts around his neck. Still have that image with me today.

    Oh and I was upset that cartoons on the weekend were replaced by the funeral.

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    Unborn, but my mother still talks about it. It put a great fear into her, as did the resignation of Nixon several years later.
    She is a huge Kennedy fan, very proud that they are native to Boston/Mass. My father, a lifelong Republican, also had great respect for them.
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      Just a twinkle in daddy's eye. First national tragedy I remember was Reagan getting shot but not killed and then the challenger explosion.