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  • Fhw

    For those of you who miss him, he's been hiding out at another forum under the name of Noah John.

    Stop in and say hello.

    Our Northeast Ski Forums cover the Adirondacks, Catskills, Tug Hill, Central NY, VT. Skiing, trip reports, weather, conditions, gear and life. All of it baby.

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    Are you some kind of strange stalker???
    "Nobody ever got my name right." - Me


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      Just a fan. He's found an old friend and is frothing at the mouth. I recommend reading. It's funny. Unlike this place... what a bore.


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        Yea, Free Willy.


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          That's great, and I wish him well. I guess NYSkiBlog is the non-boring where-it's-at place now. Good for them and here's to their success.


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            Took a peek….some funny stuff.You've got MikeD talking to himself and Willy kicking his ass all over the place.
            "I'm totally talking out my ass"………….riser3


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              Originally posted by frothy
              Just a fan. He's found an old friend and is frothing at the mouth. I recommend reading. It's funny. Unlike this place... what a bore.
              it's true, this place is a yawner without FHW


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                Originally posted by noip
                it's true, this place is a yawner without FHW

                Did he get banned or just bored to death ?
                "I'm totally talking out my ass"………….riser3


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                  He might have split up

                  Or he might have capsized

                  He might have broke deep and took water.


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                    I think him more a Flying Dutchman than an E.F.
                    “Taking away someone’s opinion is no different than sewing a man’s butthole shut.”


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                      I think him more of a paddle boat. Ridiculously entertaining to watch go no where.


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                        I only read a little, but he could speak (type) coherently, had spit and never gave up. All good qualities for a ski partner. Maybe I'll check it out. Where is he from, not Kali. I hope? I don't do Kali much, since I stopped climbing mostly.


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                          NEW YORK???!

                          Well, I'm over that. I get about 10 days every 3 or 4 years in Queens, and can go nowhere else when I'm there, outside the Boroughs.

                          Got NOTHING in common with NY skiers. He's safe from me if he's on a NY website. You guys REALLY run a guy off when you get to shunning someone, eh?

                          Too bad everybody in Kali is so delicate. Its very confusing from the outside, how you guys survive even in artificial anthills.

                          Its been cute watching you guys all hire full time actors to portray your Kali Governors on TV, I think y'all is insane outright and obvious. I mean, really? But then I think about how we mostly hire Cowboys to do the same jobs. Its just that Cowboys are better at mending fences and fixing stuff, you see.

                          But really, how can you get along, why stay there? You have fewer rights than almost any other state, (but for maybe New York, again), you have far worse criminals and gangsters than we deal with (ours keep getting shot here, we got a lot more guns. Being naturally gun shy is good for wolves and gang bangers...). Your 3 strikes laws mean you lock up for life vast numbers of non-violent crooks, who would be more or less OK if you forced them to get a job that they could survive on...

                          There are SO MANY laws in Kali. And you've had to have several National Parks taken away from you as you were not caring for them right on your own, as the love of money is HUGE there. You cannot trust people who make money off'n natural resources help in the Commons. they abuse the Commons totally, every time. You guys historically got GREED bad.

                          But Geographically, you are the luckiest gaspers ever born. damn that place has some pretty holes. If the rest of the nation can stop you from stealing all the water from EVERYWHERE it ain't already bottled and soaking up all the electrical generating capacity I the Western half odf the nation, you might oneday become a decent neighbor.

                          After you fix your immigration, crime and greed problems. Oh, and y'all got to get a handle on the breeding. Quit breeding, you are ruining your state.

                          So, FHW went to NY to have a place to spew. I'm ambivalent: its tough to love a Kali site, even a ski site. Y'all got so many self-righteous Kalis on it. Always fighting and always getting butthurt. One or the other aught to improve eventually either the fighters get tired or the butts toughen up from the constant impact. Which is it hear? I hear that if it doesn't kill you it makes you tougher, but I have known where that wasn't true.

                          Tell Willy to return, he's been humiliated enough. Isn't the goal of a good Amish Shaming to eventually bring the Prodigal Son Back into the Family? Otherwise, you just shoot them, right? ((Oops, Kali, you may have a different method, bullets are expensive there and you got to sign for them?))

                          So in Kali you don't kill killers any more, right? You nurse them and give them a lifetime free cot and 3 hots?

                          Bring back Willy. You created him, you oughta potty train him. What with people anyway, you throw out your pets when they start to poop on the floor? Old dog == pound and kill it?

                          In Idaho, most of us old fellers just shoot our own pets when they get out of time, but you guys torture them for years, yeah... that's humane.

                          Grown up, you other guys would be just like FHW if you went through the same stuff he has. It must suck to be him. With a little patience, you could watch him grow up into the man you all think he should be. With ostracism, all you get is a mean ostrich hanging around just outside the campfire, spitting at you every chance.

                          Even Kalis got to sing Kumbiya, right? In those free colleges? Remember if every man deserves a good husband, what does FHW deserve?


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                            Originally posted by Rokjox
                            Blah blah blah...
                            Wow, That is all I have to say about that. wow