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    Originally posted by Dostie

    Originally posted by riser3 [There are actually some good arguments in here even though I mostly disagree.]
    Name two you agree with, and two you don't.
    Because Dostie asked:

    Two I agree with:

    1) There are a lot more important things to boycott
    2) Eden Foods is one of a few Organic food companies that does do a pretty damn good job
    3) Employment based healthcare - ok, that's three, but my remedy for it is diametrically opposed to the author - I am very much a fan of socialized medicine

    Two I disagree with:

    Every single other thing the author wrote.
    "Nobody ever got my name right." - Me

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    Organic smorganic.

    I love the smell of pesticides in the morning!


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      I love the smell of cancer in the morning!
      "Nobody ever got my name right." - Me


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        So the whole flap over Eden Foods, and there is a flap for those that are blissfully unaware, I think boils down to a territorial dispute. Just as telemark was viewed by many as belonging to a hippie and therefore 'left-ish' culture, I think the backlash over Eden Foods is explainable in the same way. I think because of this perceived 'ownership' there is a feeling of betrayal. And therefore an expression of anger that is magnified. It is unfortunate how polarized things have become. And we are all to blame.
        "Nobody ever got my name right." - Me