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Insurrection in Washington

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    Interesting that NPR played an audio clip today, of the mob assaulting the Capital.
    They were chanting "Hang Mike Pence !" VP Mike Pence was Donald Trumps strongest supporter, always mentioning the "Leadership of President Trump" , every time he spoke.

    Donald Trump kept repeating that Pence, as Vice President, could stop this "fraudulent election" by not certifying the Electoral College vote, and probably believed it himself.

    I guess it's a good thing the mob didn't get a hold of Pence, or the other legislators..they were ready with zip ties, to take prisoners?
    Click image for larger version  Name:	More Zip ties.jpg Views:	2 Size:	217.7 KB ID:	106557
    ps. this anarchist (?) has now been identified and charged . While he always wore a face mask in the Capital building, earlier pictures at a Washington hotel, showed him in the same tactical gear, but no face mask.
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      They finally tracked down another "Zip Tie Guy". He was seen on the House floor , with a packet of zip ties, usually used to restrain prisoners. What were they for? Rounding up legislators to hold them hostage?
      Well, it turns out he is retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Larry Rendall Brock.
      You can't make this stuff up !
      Mr. Brock stated,
      “The President asked for his supporters to be there to attend, and I felt like it was important, because of how much I love this country, to actually be there,” he said.
      Photos , and video evidence also showed him leaving ransacked Speaker Pelosi' office.

      Link here, in Military Times, a web site for Military personal.

      from one of the comments, below this link,
      Kevin Rollo Probasco
      As a former Air Force chief circuit trial counsel, I strongly disagree. This appears to have been domestic terrorism in aid of seditious rebellion. He came dressed for violence, found it, and helped carry it out. His clutching improvised zip tie handcuffs in the Senate chamber while other terrorists were chanting for VP Pence's arrest and hanging is one of the most chilling, terrorizing, photos yet produced.
      another link here,
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        Over and over, after escaping from the chamber, senators praised the staffer or staffers who’d had the wherewithal to carry the boxes containing the official electoral-vote submissions from the states out of the chamber with them. The senators seemed convinced that the invaders would have burned the ballots.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Trump bust carried into Capital.jpg
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          Trump should be arrested and tried. Same with Guliani, Hawley and Cruz. Then all the Trump Trash should be rounded up, and marched off to re-education camps. They're all dead-enders and idiots so they'll never "graduate" but at least the rest of us won't have to look at them anymore.

          Oh, and Trump's disgusting son. They should force feed that miscreant his own balls.
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            t.s - Any comments on the Vice News video? Still supporting Trump over that 'idiot' Biden?


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              Originally posted by tele.skier View Post

              check the context of what I said Pete... it was in response to willy saying...


              ... and the part of my statement you chose not to quote removes the irony from my comment... In fact besides that response to Willy, find another post where I called someone an insulting name. You wont find that because I give my opinion and explain why I believe what I believe in ever other case, but it's annoying to ask an honest question or give an honest opinion and get the above quote as a counter argument, so I returned his argument in his own posting style... Jackass style if you like...

              ...But Your comment is not about me using a slanderous term, or even that you missed the irony of me responding to willy's insult with a homophobic slurr... It's about you calling me a name because I don't automatically take the anti-trump side in every topic concerning his policies. I think he's right about a lot of stuff, and obviously wrong sometimes too (the rally was ill conceived and caused a riot), but I don't assume that the news stories I read are true, and in this case of the riot if I can see the speech and decide for myself that his behavior crossed the line, I would rather believe what I see if the evidence is publicly available, rather than believe the New York Times interpretation of what they say they saw...

              I'm sure none of the above matters to you, because of the way you edited my quote in your post, besides adding your own insulting comment, but I do try to explain myself as part of my own process of posting an opinion here and being responsible to show the logic of how I arrive at it. It allows for criticism and disagreement, instead of what Willy casually does rather than make a counter argument.

              In all these pages, Cham was the only person who laid out an argument..

              If you have read my posts over the many years I have posted, you would know (and maybe not care) that I always explain my opinions.

              *and no, I don't think my comment is acceptable for a forum.... That was kind of the point of why I made it...
              The issue isn't that you responded to Willy with an insult because he insulted you first. If you had called him an effing idiot nobody would have batted an eye. I have no idea -- and even reading this post I still don't -- why you think Willy calling you a POS, or accusing you of being one of the Proud Boys, gave you license to use a homophobic slur. The point of your response was, I presume, to respond in kind. Instead, you insulted way more than Willy with your response.

              I cannot speak to why petey responded as he did because I do not know him, but I suspect it was because he had the exact same reaction I did when reading your post, and it is exactly because of your use of a homophobic slur in response to Willy. Has absolutely nothing to do with who you do or don't support. Willy may deserve all the insults he gets, but please use insults that direct only to Willy and not entire classes of people.
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                Sad that it takes a particular kind of insult for people to decry insulting posting... My insult rhymed with his "proudboy", so I used it... It is vitriolic and insulting. It was intended to be that.

                The irony I see is that Willy comes here anonymously, so he has no real life repercussions to his poor behavior. He takes a huge $hit on something which Craig has put a lot of time and effort to keep going here, and is essentially an important part of his life, yet Willy doesn't care how much he turns Craig's site into a sewer with his personal attacks. The fact is, that he doesn't give his opinions and then defend his logic with any explanations, and that shows how much he feels the need to respect anyone here. He comes here to insult people and makes statements like his statement above. In fact Danno, I know he has a particular "boner" for picking on you, so you probably understand my point.

                I wouldn't claim my comment was appropriate, or anything but an insulting and rude thing to say. That's why I followed it up with a question to Willy if making that kind of comment, "was doing it right" (referring to his style of posting)... My comment was a mirror for what he does here. It's not "A style of posting" to be continuously offensive, and take a $hit on Dostie's site without any consideration for Dostie's efforts here, What seems important to him is to be an anonymous vitriolic aggressor here, not to make any real arguments to anyone here for the things he believes...

                Website forums have been 2 things. They are purely informational for some, and they are entertainment too. Being abusive to others is Willy's chosen form of entertainment.

                The irony is that I know he owns a motel and when I asked him about it, he felt one of the things he's worked on in his life was being threatened , so he cautioned me to be very careful... I have to say, then why doesn't he practice that same care here on Dostie's site? Didn't Dostie put enough of his own care into his websites and his carreer in this industry to deserve that same consideration from Willy. Obviously not in his mind.

                The other ironic thing is Willy is like the liar who thinks everyone is a liar too, or the thief who thinks everyone is out to steal from him. He thinks that if I knew which motel he owns, I would act like him and do something to damage his motel or it's reputation. He thinks everyone has the same poor ethics as he does... and would act as he does intending to do some harm to him. Thankfully, and lucky for him people are not like him...

                I can apologize for using that slur and admit I was wrong to post that. You're right, calling him some other offensive term wouldn't have offended some perceived group of people. He has insulted 73,000,000 people. Does that constitute a group of people??

                Willy can't apologize for the way he behaves on Dostie's site, because the sanctimonious don't apologize or ever admit their wrongdoing. They are more likely to call others "thin skinned" or minimize their poor behavior... just watch...

                BTW, of course the rioting was disgusting behavior.
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                the fall line is your friend.... resistance is futile


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                  What? Is this forum still a thing?


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                    Originally posted by Baaahb View Post
                    What? Is this forum still a thing?
                    Only with a secret pass and the right amount of snark.


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                      bastard son of someone's willy: glad we're back on the same team no surprise to me that tele.skier's allegiance lies with the fascists I mean, seriously, Trump's call to Georgia says it all. the election has been certified by all states. thousands of bipartisan state officials have participated in that certification. 60 courts have upheld the election. NO ONE has come forth with serious evidence of actionable fraud, other than in some Proud Boys' wet dream. The states, the Courts, even the Congress has confirmed the election results. there is no avoiding the fact that when Trump still refuses to accept the election, he is grabbing for totalitarian dictatorial power. frickenA, even the evil Adolf himself got his congress to approve his assumption of the dictator's throne. seriously, does anyone still think Trump is anything other than the worst President our country has ever had. wake the frig up.


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                        Ok - I have gotten a lot out of BC forums so feel a bit invested so here is all I’ve got

                        Willy was a douchebag before Trump - having the sense to be against Trump is not enough. Still a douchebag.

                        Tele skier - keep posting - you are clearly a douchebag - keep showing us who you are.

                        Forum moderator - please check the tape - I said, in this forum, back in the day, it only needs to be about the lies and the racism. You said you had a list of reasons why you support trump. Show us the list or walk it back.

                        here we are four plus years later.

                        lies and racism - threatening our country

                        what have you got Dostie? Sorry but this is the World Wide Web so you may just be a redneck.

                        really - in this day and age - the big takeaway is - if someone shows you who they are - believe them - and if need be - just blow them off


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                          Trump Impeached Again

                          "Second coming" headline on the NY Times front page.


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                            Originally posted by chamonix View Post
                            Trump Impeached Again

                            "Second coming" headline on the NY Times front page.


                            The Winning Will Continue Until Morale Improves!


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                              Originally posted by chamonix View Post
                              We got some serious violence ahead, brought to you by Trump and Fox News. Republican Congressmen are seriously fearing for the safety of their families if they support impeachment.


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                                Originally posted by Baaahb View Post

                                We got some serious violence ahead, brought to you by Trump and Fox News. Republican Congressmen are seriously fearing for the safety of their families if they support impeachment.
                                Well they were chanting, "Hang Mike Pence" as the mob invaded the Capitol. I still thing Pence should have gone along with an Article 25 to remove Trump from office. The Trumpers are going to hate him anyways, as they did when they stormed the House Chamber.