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  • TR: Park Cone

    I haven't skied the BC in a few weeks and really wanted to get away from the hard snow and ski area scene this weekend. Sunday was my window.
    My regular ski partner and I got a somewhat late start yesterday to ski Park Cone which is right next to Taylor Reservoir (Gunnison County, Co). The avalanche report shows everything as low below treeline and moderate above, so we could afford a little more sleep this time.

    We parked on the road and walked a short distance to the start of the skin track. The climbing starts right from the road (USA Pro Challenge goes by here BTW).
    We climbed, mostly in the trees, for a while.

    IMGP4449 by, on Flickr

    Near the top it opened up a bit.

    IMGP4455 by, on Flickr

    Nice views. That's Union Park below.

    IMGP4457 by, on Flickr

    We had to climb down through some blown off rocky terrain to get to this line. Well, we didn't really have to but we ended up in a spot that required it. (not to self: don't do that next time). The snow was mostly good, but would occasionally get unsupportive making for a couple of face plants by me when I'd unexpectedly fall through.

    IMGP4532-Edit by, on Flickr
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    We finished right at the river near the base of the Taylor dam. This is a highly regarded catch and release section.

    IMGP4600 by, on Flickr

    We spotted this guy on the way out, looking for more of those fish.

    IMGP4611-Edit by, on Flickr

    Fun day!


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      ^^ Awesome report. Color me envious!

      ain't no turn like tele!


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        You fished, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?????

        Nice photos.


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          Thanks and no, I didn't. Who skis with a fly rod?
          This is close to where I live so I could come back and fish if I wanted. But I never do...


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            As always nice pics. Those are some nice old Karhus. It is also nice to see I am not the only one who has that rubber grip on their pole slide down.


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              Nice line!


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                Originally posted by whitehonky View Post
                Nice line!
                That's what I was thinking. That looks like it was a great day.


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                  Thanks, it was definitely a fun one.


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                    First time I've seen TR with a guy fishing in the background.


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                      Originally posted by repete View Post
                      First time I've seen TR with a guy fishing in the background.
                      First time I have taken a shot like that too!

                      Here's a panorama from the summit (23 images or about 300 MP). (click here for the interactive version)
                      Click image for larger version

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