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  • Coastal Crest Snow Patrol

    Looking for new members to join the Coastal Crest Snow Patrol.

    The Northern California Coast Range offers virgin slopes that hold abundant snow in the
    winter months.
    Completely desolate and isolated, these peaks hold firm, solid coastal snow that blankets
    the manzanita dropping over a thousand vertical feet off the tallest peaks in the Forest.

    The main mountains are
    Hull Mt
    Anthony Peak
    Snow Mountain
    Black Butte
    South and North Yolla Bolly/Black Rock Mt.
    and the Mendocino Pass area out of Covelo.

    A few pics
    Hull Mountain[email protected]&q=Hull

    Anthony Peak

    South Yolla Bolly

    North Yolla Bolly

    Black Rock Mountain

    A guide to skiing the Mendo. Nat'l. Forest

    Some video
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    Coastal Crest Snow Patrol

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    Damn Jibmaster, nice first post showing some potential that the site has. OK, I am going to throw out some pics as a test so I can test the waters myself. Not recent pics We'll see...Click image for larger version

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    "Just say no to groomed snow"


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      My sorta sucks but better than having to find a host to display content. OK, let's see a few tests from the peanut gallery....
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      "Just say no to groomed snow"


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        Yeah, the photo options need a bit of work. I did a test myself over in the Trip Report section where I expect photos to be a major part of the content.

        So there are some features you need to be aware of when you upload photos. For the moment, Jibmaster is doing it the best way by linking to an external URL and controlling the size there. I'm working on improving the photo posting feature. I've already run in to one roadblock, but will persevere and overcome.

        For the moment, be aware that after you upload a photo you will want to double-click on it - while you're still in the editor mode - and then you can select what size you want it displayed at - thumbnail, medium, or large. You will also have the option at that point to determine if it is posted with L, R, Center, or no alignment. You can also enter a description that appears when you mouse-over the image.

        Right now images do NOT import at full size. This is my first major hurdle to overcome. Then....

        Anyway, great to see jibmaster resurrecting his stuff on the Mendocino area. Rock on!

        One other important detail. If you are not registered and only lurking you will not see photos that are hosted on this site, like Quadzilla did. You will only see a text link to the image, but then you won't be able to see it. I suppose I can change that setting, but I'll have to find it first. In the meantime, just register. We won't bite. Well, maybe we will. But we won't draw blood.
        Ain't no turn like tele!


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          Hey jib, does your territory include the Trinity Alps? I have been wanting to do some exploring there.


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            Originally posted by Baaahb View Post
            Hey jib, does your territory include the Trinity Alps? I have been wanting to do some exploring there.
            You read Richins's trip reports of his Trinity traverses? Pretty cool. I swear I read somewhere that they did the shuttle by heli (e.g. left their car at the exit and got a heli lift to the start), but I could be misremembering things.

            Regardless, I'd like to check it out sometime too.


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              No, I've never been to the Trinity Alps. But I'd like to ski this peak.

              Picture was taken near Stuart Gap by North Yolla Bolly.

              I believe this is Chanchelulla Peak in the Chanchelulla Wilderness.
              "Chanchelulla Peak stands at 6,399 feet, the highest point in Chanchelulla Wilderness,
              a steeply rugged area with slopes angling as much as 70 degrees."
              Coastal Crest Snow Patrol


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                I've been concentrating on the Mendocino National Forest.
                Roughly a rectangle bordered by highway 101 to the west
                and the I-5 to the east.
                Highway 20, out of Williams lies just to the south and highway 36,
                from Red Bluff is the access to the north.

                I guess I travel through the Shasta-Trinity National Forest when approaching
                North Yolla Bolly from the 36.
                I like the snow stability in the MNF.
                And the proximity to where I live.

                Hull Mt. (L) and Snow Mt.(R)
                from the top of Mt. St. Helena in the Napa Valley.
                Coastal Crest Snow Patrol


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                  A collection of videos from Hull Mt.

                  Coastal Crest Snow Patrol


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                    Originally posted by Baaahb View Post
                    Hey jib, does your territory include the Trinity Alps? I have been wanting to do some exploring there.
                    The Trinity Alps, Marble Mountain, and Russian Wilderness Areas are in our back yard here in Humboldt County, and we have been backpacking there for quite a few decades and know the area well. The problem with backcountry skiing there is access, since few to no roads that are kept open in winter go anywhere nearly high enough or close enough to even access trailheads. The terrain, the snowfall, and especially the elevations, though, make them look worth some effort to find a workable way in, without launching a many day winter ski packing trip. Peaks above 8,000 feet are pretty abundant, with quite a few close to 9,000 feet and one above. So instead, we drive the long way around this area to the equally high, non-wilderness mountains just east of there, where there is sometimes some high, open, road access, especially in the spring. I see some of these passes are already getting some snow, so anticipation is building for the upcoming season.


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                      The 4X4 wheeling to get to the goods, combined with the strategic timing of weather patterns
                      make this area timing specific.
                      All the more special.

                      $, time and location sold me on creating decades worth of experience in a small, little known(for skiing) area.

                      But then again -

                      I prefer to know a lot about a little
                      than knowing a little about a lot.
                      Coastal Crest Snow Patrol


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                        'Tis the season.
                        The January trip is looming on the horizon.
                        The destination depends on the location of the snowpack...
                        Coastal Crest Snow Patrol