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    Been somewhere you want to share? Or thinking of going? Go ahead and post it here.

    Be aware that, depending on where the trip is, your post will be moved to an appropriate sub-forum. If you're so inclined, you can start there. If you don't care, or don't want to be bothered to navigate 3 levels down, post 'er here and someone will move it later on.

    While you're at it though, please add some TAGS to indicate things like the province, state, country, city, peak, canyon, trailhead...stuff that will help others to find where it is you took the trip, or are going to. Those tags will be helpful to folks coming here in the future searching for your trip report without having to navigate through all the sublevels - especially if your trip is in a particular wilderness, park, or city that wouldn't be obvious to someone that isn't familiar with your state/province, country, or continent, but they did hear about your report and want to read it.
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