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Cham 97 HM vs TX 97?

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  • Cham 97 HM vs TX 97?

    Hey- Any thoughts on Dynastar Cham 97 HM vs Kastle TX 97? Both look pretty good, built well, and seem to get good reviews.

    Now that prices are coming down, I'm considering one of these two for my one-ski touring quiver. Looks like I can drop about 1lb per ski from my 180cm Kabookies (I'd probably keep the those for on-piste and mount some alpine binders on them) and still get some really good performance on the down. They'll be matched up with Vulcans and Speed Radicals. Didn't want to get a lighter ski like the Nanuqs (or lighter) that the Vulcans might overpower...unless someone has feedback on that! Which I'd welcome.

    Mostly touring for turns, but will also be getting out on multi-day tours. I ski pretty aggressively down, and will be using them in every BC snow condition, so they don't have to shine in any one thing, just float "enough" in pow and hold a good edge on refrozen steeps. Overall, I really like the mid-90 versatility.


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    Flip a coin. You can hardly go wrong with either of those skis. I haven't skied the Kastle TX, but negative responses to Kastle skis are rare. As for the Cham HM 97, about the only thing negative I can think of on that is the new color for next Get this year's while you can!

    ain't no turn like tele!