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Movement skis and telemark bindings

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  • Movement skis and telemark bindings

    According to Movement:

    "Touring skis are designed to be mounted with Touring bindings. Mounting telemark bindings on touring skis is not recommended by Movement skis."

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    I'm pretty certain at least one person on this forum mounts his Movement skis with telemark bindings. Anyone know what the deal is? Lightweight materials translate into a core that may not hold tele bindings so well, i.e., don't complain to us if your tele binding pulls out? Otherwise, mount away and have fun?

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    I've had Sources (the predecessor to Chill-Outs according to the website) mounted NTN for two seasons-plus with no pull-out issues--but I'm 145 lbs and not an aggressive skier. At one point I talked to a Movement rep about length and mounting point, and he didn't balk at mounting them tele--I think he even sugggested where he thought other tele skiers had mounted. That warning on the website applies to "Touring" skis, which is one of several categories--maybe not meant to apply to all Movement skis. You should hear from James--from his posts it sounds like he's skiing some of the lightest skis Movement makes mounted tele.


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      I have had several of their skis. I know and skied with the distributor from La Sportiva and and I was an ambassador/rep for them and he never said anything. Most of their skis are indestructible but when I mounted my Logic X which are crazy light I did strip out two screw holes so those type of skis "touring skis" may be what they are concerned about. I have had those ski mounted X2 and TTS and they are fine but I have always been a bit worried about them.

      The Swiss management seemed to have little interest and very bad luck with American distribution so I kind of lost track of what they were doing.

      What skis are you looking at or concerned about?


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        I've had a couple sets of Movement skis, and never had an issue. They're very similar to G3 skis, as I believe they might even be made in the same facility. They are certainly a well built ski. I never spun a screw or had any pull-out issues when I was running them with HH's. I had the Akoma and Climax.


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          I have Movement Logic-X skis -- at 2 kgs for the pair, these surely count as 'touring skis' -- mounted with switchbacks. When I was having them mounted, the ski tech made a special point of calling Movement to see if there were any special considerations for mounting a tele binding into this ultra-light ski. Movement gave the go-ahead: standard screw and glue, no inserts, helicoils, epoxy, or whatever.

          That said, I mounted Voile ski crampons into these, and one pulled out, so there's that.


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            Movement skis and tele bindings

            Never had an issue with mounting tele bindings (75mm and NTN) on Movement skis: Goliath Sluff / Sluff, Jackal, Source, Thunder, Couloir (none of which were part of their "touring" line(s)). Probably wouldn't hesitate at all to mount skis from their "touring" line (not the "touring-x" line) with tele bindings.

            They're very well-made skis, and were (still are?) made in the same factory in Tunisia where G3 skis were (still are?) made.

            Movement hasn't had a NA distributor for 2-3 years now (if not longer); there is a rumor of a US-based ski maker picking up the distribution.


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              Thanks for all the feedback. I am interested in the Response-X which is crazy, unbelievable light (this year's version of the Logic-X, though if they weigh the same, I'd take either). And, I saw a potential steal of a deal on the Bond skis ('cept that doesn't quite come in at 1 kg per ski, but a nice light ski nonetheless). Kind of looking for an uber light, spring and mountaineering ski to replace some old K2 8611's, but the budget is holding me back right now. It will be mounted with inserts for Dynafit and Switchback bindings.

              Sounds like in shaving weight on the skis, ski cos. have created some considerations in terms of screw strength. I imagine that's true for all the skis that are slimming down to the 1 kg range (Dynafit Cho Oyu, Ski Trab Magico, etc.).


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                That will be an exceptional spring mountaineering ski. If you really open it up they will get tossed around like any light ski. I would also be careful over edging them at speed or you will find your self pointing uphill in a hurry. Mine are pretty stiff with a bit of sidecut. I forget the exact weight of mine but they were less the 2.5 pounds each.

                Be careful drilling them and I probably would not fully tap them or pre run the screws. I think the problem is the top sheet is like concrete and the core a bit soft so it is easy to over torque the screw trying to get it past the top sheet. Use good epoxy and don't over torque the screws. May be tap just the top sheet.

                FWIW all Movement skis are made in Tunisia at a factory owned buy Nani Tua and Movement. Nani was the plant manager. This was as of two years ago and I have not kept up recently. G-3 skis were also made there for several years but have not been made there for the last couple of years.

                The NA distributer was ROI out of Vancouver and a guy named shirk who posted at Ttips and TGR worked there. Then La Sportiva NA took over the distribution and then promptly dumped them when they started making skis. Incidentally the La Sportiva skis were made in the Movement factory. Then they worked out a deal with Garmont USA to distribute and immediately after that Scott bought Garmont and nixed the deal. So sadly they have had a real bad run at getting their skis to the NA market over the last couple of years.
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                  Good tips James, thanks.


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                    I am not really sure how I stripped those two screws but I have an idea and I am a bit embarrassed to say. When I mark the hole I put a little indentation in the top sheet to guide the drill with an awl. As I said those top sheets are like concrete and it is hard to mark them by hand. I used a small hammer to set the awl and I think I hit it a bit to hard and made the whole to wide and or damaged the core. Any way this is all pretty obvious and basic stuff but I thought i would mention it because those are some very nice and $$ skis. I can still remember the sick feeling I got when I felt those screws strip. I will spare you the explitives.


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                      I skied the Movement Goliath (precursor to the Gloiath Sluff) in a 184 length. 124-99-118. I think I bought these skis in March 2008? Any way, a great full camber all round ski for resort skiing. I had 7TM Powers on them, and Ener-G 75 mm boots at the time.
                      They ended up stuffed in a friends ski locker in Fernie for a few years, when I couldn't get out West. Well I have them back East now, and I am going to re-mount them with NTN Freedoms soon..

                      Here is a link to Movement skis on Telemark-Pyrennes . If I go back to ski Yurp this year, I might have a pair shipped to me over there. Anyone tried shipping skis from T-P to the USA? I have bought Dynafit bindings from T-P. Great service.
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                        Originally posted by chamonix
                        Anyone tried shipping skis from T-P to the USA? I have bought Dynafit bindings from T-P.
                        I had bindings shipped once or twice. They are surprisingly efficient getting them to the U.S. but certainly not cheap. With shipping, however, it was cheaper than anything I could find in the U.S.