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    Only one run on these so far, but I was impressed enough that I thought I'd share my thoughts.

    Previous go-to ski was a pair of Voile Insanes which I have been happy with for several years.

    Skied the V8s with a pair of Axls and Garmont Synergys. There was a thin rain crust on about 4 feet of snow that fell 4 days ago. Crust was easily breakable, but enough to make it terribly painful when my knee dropped into it and forged through like a a Russian Icebreaker. I was pretty excited by how well the V8s managed the crust. With the Insanes I would have been hanging up and struggling. Suddenly encountered patches of wind-slab didn't hang the V8 up as much as I'm used to on the Insanes either. Seems like the ski flexes easier than the Insanes, but powers through snow variability much better at the same time. I'm guessing it's the rocker on the tip because I've not skied a ski with rocker before, and this was a much more controlled feel than I'm used to. Way easier to initiate a turn on the spot too. There was a full moon and I was howling with joy all the way down. Definitely think this is going to be a great ski.

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    Skied a pair at the Outdoor Retailer Winter 2013 On-Snow demo last year. Only had one run on them and was amazed at how well they held an edge on very firm, polished snow. Didn't think much of it until I realized the only other ski that held an edge better than the V8 that day was Volkl's Katana V-Werks. Even the guys at Voile were surprised at how well it skied and held an edge on firm snow. They didn't expect that, they did expect it would handle the fluff, even some mank and crud well, but not icy stuff. Surprise - it does that too. A very impressive first impression.

    ain't no turn like tele!


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      I have two very fun days on my 181 V8s, looking forward to many more, and long ago I had a pair of Insanes. Apples v. oranges. Tip rocker is a big difference of course, but so is the tail. My biggest complaint re the Insane was the tendency of the tail to hook terribly. I hated it so much I sold them after a half season. Hooky tails will not be a problem with the V8s.

      I'm not surprised that the V8s carve on firm. Two of my buds are on S7s, so I've seen up close how the short cambered underfoot short radius carves. V8 = lighter S7
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