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moving to Colorado, skis recommendation

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  • moving to Colorado, skis recommendation

    hi, new member here. i am moving to Colorado in february and would like some recommendation on ski size/lenght for alpine touring.
    i currently live in Slovakia, here most proper is 85-90. i keep reading and hearing that colorado snow is lot different and will need to get different skis. i am 6'2" tall and about 175lbs male. i am decent skier and love long uphill tours. i am bringing my marker alpinist 10 binding, but was told to get new pair of skis once i get to Colorado. i cant afford $600 dollar skis, so something more reasonable would be preffered. in europe i can get decent skis for 300$, looks like skis are way more expensive in US. i am not opposed to past season skis o even used ones. are there any sales in spring? we get a lot of big sales here where skis can be had often for less than 50% off towards te end of the season.
    thanks for any help
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    Opinions will vary on this, but in my view, an all-around ski for touring and some resort use is between 98 and 108. Mine are 106. And with Binding Freedom inserts, I have skis that are 88 and 90. The other variable, of course, is shape . . .

    Yes, between March and June, you should be able to find skis in the $300 - $400 range, though prices have definitely gone up since 2021. I would consider used skis too -- lots of good deals on barely used skis can be found with patience.