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    Does anyone have any experience with these skis, specifically for tele? Just bought a pair in the spring, but have not had a chance to try them out. Have mounted them with Hammerheads, which I like on my other skis. Reviews suggest they should be at least pretty good, maybe great.

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    Thank you for the Helix review WH. In fact it was your testimonial and enthusiastic opinion about these on TT that, as much as anything, convinced me to go ahead and get them, so thank you for that as well. While only ~3years into tele, but with 50+years of alpine and XC I'm not sure where I stand in tele skill level, but with my almost embarrassing avidity for tele it is consistently increasing, so these Helices should work for me later, if not now. After talking to folks at Liberty, who recommend mounting BC @ std line, and reading your mounting position opinion on TT and that of others, I mounted my HHs about 5mm ahead of boot center on std line. Hard to be precise in this in that the mounting marks were not located in the same position on both skis, but were almost 5mm behind [or ahead] on one ski. Communicated with Liberty CEO and designer of this ski to get specs for determining std mark, and put boot centers 5mm ahead of my corrected std mark, which almost coincided with the printed std mark on one ski, and was behind the other one. Can't imagine that 5mm one way or the other could make too much difference, as long as both skis are set up the same.

    Because the retailer that had them at the best price did not have the 182 cm size, which may be the best fit for my 175-180 lbs, I got the 176. CEO and COO at Liberty both thought this size would be fine for me. I figured that this would make them a bit easier to turn. Hoping the modest tip rocker will keep them afloat when I do find some powder. Won't really know until I try them. In any case, can't wait to get them out there. Hope we get some snow here earlier than last year.


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      I have them mounted NTN. They're a great all-rounder. Fine on hardpack, do well in powder, although i didnt' find much last season!