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Tele uphill ski chattering

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    Originally posted by Pherick View Post
    I seek bumps and trees and the back seat has always been there for me- a loyal friend I deny in polite company.
    Hahaha, well put. Your entire post makes total sense. I wholeheartedly agree.


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      Okjake , have you received additional resolution into your situation?

      Last week my wife was transitioning to NTN, so like me earlier this season she was on new Pros, Outlaws and had to ride unfamiliar demo skis too due to a logistics problem. I thought of you & this thread when she reported the same problem. I dialed back her Outlaw spring setting and she said the situation was alleviated. Have you increased and decreased your Meidjo spring setting to see if the problem increases and decreases with spring tension?

      Additionally, thinking about the mechanics of what may cause this, I wonder about edge angle ? For us recent-former 75mm skiers, we maybe crank on edge angle to an extent that NTN deals with differently?

      I experienced this a couple times when my rear ski hooked up excessively and I had to lift it off the snow to avoid disaster. Makes me think of Harris' story a few years ago when he had this happen and it broke his leg, so now he is a sworn 75 mm skier.


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        I have had a lot of success skiing in walk mode and really pressing to weight the inside ski. Both of these changes help me flex the bellows rather than pivoting my boot at the pins. I haven't yet changed my spring tension at all. I might try backing out the tension this weekend just to see how it feels.

        To add another variable, I picked up a pair of 22D Lynx for my G3 Findr's. I only just had them mounted today so I'm interested to see how they ski this weekend as well. If I find anything interesting I'll report back. I plan to do some A/B testing with both setups.