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Mounting touring bindings on an old Atomic Metron:EX...

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  • Mounting touring bindings on an old Atomic Metron:EX...

    But I wanted to remove the baseplates first. Has anyone done this on an Atomic Metron? Seems that the channels run all the way through the ski and so just a little worried it might affect the integrity of the ski. But that said the baseplates are already drilled into the ski so what's the difference? Should be fine right? Any thoughts?

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    Without a photo to judge, hard to say. Probably fine.

    ain't no turn like tele!


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      I took the plate off a slalom ski and it skis fine w/Rottafella Freeride NTN bindings. Though these skis had a totally flat topsheet so it was easy to mount the Freeride after filling the holes that had secured the plate. Someone here suggested I use lifters under the Freerides which was a good idea on tight radius carving ski.

      IIRC the topsheet of the Metron had ridges running the length of the topsheet - I guess if you pull the plate and it's flat underneath you're good to go.

      Just curious what's your intended use for the Metrons? Not an obvious choice for a touring ski.