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  • V.Supercharger length recommend

    I'm considering the Voile Supercharger for a lightish touring ski. I'm 5'6" 145#. Looking at the ski I'd probably grab the 178, but am wondering if I can get away with the 171 and win a bit on weight and manageability. Am I giving up performance? How firm is the manufacturer's weight recommendation? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

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    Don't know nuthin' 'bout Voile's weight recommendations. Do think 171cm would be plenty for 145#. Tend to think it boils down to how much edge you want for your size where weight is an important factor in determining edge hold. Heavier skiers need more edge, lighter skiers less. YMMV.

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      Originally posted by Dostie View Post
      how much edge you want for your size
      Thanks Dostie. Voile agrees that I should be fine with the 171. Though, they confirm that their weight recommendations (which is 110-150 for 171) are total weight on ski. So, skier+gear. Putting me in the ~115% of max recommend. Probably worth noting that their weight recommendations are the same across both hyper and regular constructions. I'm sure there's a real difference in the overall bearing strength of these layups, so this indicates the recommendation has more to do with weight/edge than weight/strength.


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        FWIW, I'm 5'6" 165 lbs and ski the Voile Vector in a 170 and the Hyper v6 in a 178. Voile's chart puts my weight easily within the 178 v6's, but I wish now that I'd gotten them shorter. The Vectors are a perfect length for me. I have them set up telemark style with TX Pros and ski rather "aggressively" on occasion, all in the backcountry. I'll probably be selling the v6's.


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          Originally posted by Pealer View Post
          That's worth quite a bit, actually. Thanks. Are you living on the edge and skiing the hyper v6 construction telemark? I'm also considering the HyperCharger, warranty be damned, telemark AND inserts.


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            I've mounted a lot of skis, using Binding Freedom inserts when warranted. For the Hyper V6 and Lynx 2020 I drilled with a proper 3.6 X 9 shouldered bit and used slow cure epoxy, no inserts. The screws seated quite well with a firm finish. I'm not worried about the lack of warranty.


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              Thanks. I don't think I'm worried, either. I'd even use inserts as I have but one pair of Lynx.


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                Pherick, I skied the original Charger BC in a 171cm, I’m 5’7” 140. It was plenty of ski as I ski a lot of trees. Also I’ve mounted numerous Voile skis tele with BF inserts and have not had one issue.
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                  Thanks, Allan.

                  I love BF inserts. Paired with a quality screw and a well-executed mount, I can't see them doing anything bad to a ski. The anecdotes out there indicate that Voile doesn't have a great reason for the exception. Probably worth remembering that they sell bindings, too.