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Searching for Men’s ski boots at reasonable cost?

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  • Searching for Men’s ski boots at reasonable cost?

    Hey everyone! I am heading to Vail Colorado this weekend and looking for some good quality ski boots. I currently have the Technia 120 MV boots, but too big in the heel and felt squirrely with my skis and don’t have good control. My question is that how do you know about the right fit of ski boots while shopping online? One of my friends recommend me to shop via the ski bum, does anyone experience online shopping for ski boots from this brand? Refer me some good options of saving money purchases online for ski boots that good in quality and fit rightly in may low volume foot. Thanx in advance

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    In some ways you don't actually know. If you've owned enough boots in your skiing carreer to know your mondo size and have bought enough of a certain brand of boot to know the reputed shape of that boot, then you can extrapolate and have a higher chance of getting a good fitting boot online, other than just ordering a boot with no info research and hoping it works out.

    WTBS, I did order a boot online recently, hated the fit and sent it back to the retailer. He even paid for the return shipping even when I volunteered to pay for that. In my own case, I like the fit of scarpa, and I know my size, so I would take a chance with scarpa if I needed a new pair of boots, but all bets are off with other brands. I can't see how you could buy AT boots online without knowing a little about the shape of the 'last' of the boot you want to buy being that there are so many boots available.

    You could locate a boot that you like, then do some internet research to obtain the information on how those boots tended to fit. Sometimes you will find many people complaining about a boot's fit problems, or complimenting it which can help you make a better guess as which boot to buy. It's one of those "do your homework" affairs.

    It's nice to save money by buying online, but it also sucks to return boots bought online too. Back when I bought my first 2 pair of plastic tele boots, I went too large both times and I bought them from a retail shop locally. So there's no garauntee a local shop will get the fit right either... After I finally got a pair of boots that fit perfectly, I began to figure out how important boot fit is, and it makes a huge difference in both comfort and performance.. Boot fit is not something completely intuitive. It takes a long time to learn what works for your own feet.
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