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Intuition liners for Garmont Prophet & Excursion

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  • Intuition liners for Garmont Prophet & Excursion

    Has anybody put in aftermarket intuition liners in their Garmont boots? Especially the Prophets and Excursions. If so, please share your experiences. Thanks!

    I have had my Prophets for two seasons now, and the stock liner fit is not all-day-comfortable even with some fitting adjustments by a bootfitter twice. The biggest problem I have is with my heels staying back. If I tighten the middle two buckles down hard, I can get my heels to stay back, but then that puts a lot of pressure on the ball of my foot and I'm in pain after 3-4 hours of skiing. If I don't tighten down on the middle two buckles, after a few steep runs, my toes jam the front of the boot and they get super cold after 3-4 hours of skiing. I think I am ready to put some money down for a custom orthotic inside an intuition liner with a good bootfitter that a friend recommends highly. Intuition has so many different models, and after reading through their website it sounds like the Alpine liner is the one to get???

    I am also looking for a better fit with my excursions, and am wondering if the Denali liner that they have for mountaineering boots will work with the softer and shorter Excursions. Or, maybe the Aqua liner?

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    It sounds like your boots are too big in volume. Have they always required you to crank them pretty tight to limit movement? Or is this only since the original liners packed out? A new Intuition liner will help and some are thicker than others and will take up more volume. Another thing you can do is put a shim under your footbed to take up volume. Start with 1/16".

    Do you use custom orthotics in any other footwear? If so, a custom footbed for a ski boot might make sense. But I would try new liners and shims first.


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      I use the Intuition Pro Tour liners in my Garmont Syner-g 3 buckle boots. I use them mostly for BC touring but they also work well on groomers too. I find them to be very comfortable, warm, and well made. I've put maybe 120 days on those liners and, although stinky, they are still in great working order. IMO, they are a big upgrade from the stock Garmont liners. NOTE: the pro-tour liners are pretty tall and may be too tall for the Excursion.


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        I'm in the same situation. With five seasons on the Prophets, I'm ready for new liners and haven't researched the options. Just waiting to get through this season, but with the winter we're having skiing may be good into July. Since I'm committed to NTN with both the Freerides and Freedoms as my only binding, a backup boot option with tech fittings may be in order.

        I'd appreciate any feedback as to Prophet liner suggestions.


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          I tried Intuition Pro Tour liners in my three year old Prophets, when I was getting some toe bang (right foot only). My other problem with the stock liners was a loosey fit in the heel.
          These Prophets are a size 28 shell, so they already had a tight "performance fit" with the stock liners. Shell fit was carefully checked new by a pro boot-fitter, in fact he had me go down a shell size. He baked the stock liners new, and built Superfeet Kork footbeds for them.

          Well, the size 28 Intuition Pro Tour liners were a brutally tight fit for my foot, even after heating the liners. The toe bang on the steeps was now there all the time for both feet.
          Intuition in YVR were really helpful. They sent me liner tounges in a thicker size to try and push my foot back (and save my toes). There really just wasn't enough room for these in the boot.

          So I am back to skiing the original stock Palau liners, with the upper two buckles reefed super tight. With some judicious grinding inside the right boot toe area, and very thin socks, I now am comfortable all day in the boots, at the Resort, unless I ski a lot of steeps in heavy snow.
          The stock liners do seem to be warm now too, with these thin socks I wear; I have skied some +6 F days no problem.
          Intuition ended up exchanging my baked once size 28 pro-tour liners for a new set of size 29 Pro Tour liners, which also don't fit in the boots. So I have these new Pro Tour liners (not heated yet) in size 29 for a new pair of boots.

          Click image for larger version

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          Pro Tour liner, size 28. There was just too much material around the toe box of these liners to get these to fit in my size 28 Prophets.
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