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Boot Review: Crispi Evo Rando

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  • Boot Review: Crispi Evo Rando

    To be clear, this review is for the Evo "Rando" with tech fittings in the toe and heel.

    These boots and their shorter cuffed sibling ( Shiver) were in production a few years ago; I even had a pair in my hands last year (one size too short), but it wasn't until this season that a full size run was available in the USA.

    The Evo Rando and Shiver Rando use the same lower, which has a roomier fit than the original non tech fitting Evos (orange and green). The new last is similar to a new Scarpa fit (TX Pro, Eco, T1) and the non tech Shiver, so more volume in the forefoot and a wider heel pocket.

    The Evo Rando cuff is unchanged except for the addition of a spoiler at the top of the tongue, which helps to support the liner and power strap. The buckles are microadjust, power strap is static ( non stretch), outsole is unchanged, liner is unchanged.

    The shell flex and bellows flex are similar to the Green Evo and non tech Shiver; read as stiffer than the Scarpa Comp but softer than the first gen Scarpa Terminator ("the stiffy").

    The sizing appears to be true, I wear the same size in a Scarpa TX and Evo Rando. I am not a fan of the Crispi thermo wrap liner, so I'm using a Scarpa thermo wrap and an Intuition tongue liner (TX).

    The boot is not light, weighing in at 2200 gm per boot with liner. That said, this is also not a boot that will wear out quickly, a burly sole, thick pbex shell will take years of abuse from edges and rocks. The Shiver Rando saves ~275 grams over the Evo Rando by using a shorter cuff and shorter liner. For comparison, using the same liners and scale, I weighed the TX at 1976gm and TX Pro at 2023 grams per boot

    I did consider the Shiver, but with only three buckles it did not retain my foot as well as the Evo, and since I already have the TX and F1, I opted for the big boot.

    The only modifications needed to use this boot for TTS was a little "whittling" around the tech fittings so the jaws close well.

    So far the boot has been very comfortable, no toe pinch, plenty of toe wiggle room, and I have not had to add fillers or use custom insoles to get a good fit. The boot does have two forward leans, I use the most lean as I found the taller position to be away too tall.

    Overall its great boot for big skis, stiff enough under the bellows for crossover AT/Tech binding use, very similar to the Green non tech Evo (for NTN and Bulldog users), and for the TTS user it is an awesome big mountain/resort boot

    At $525 ($475 for the Shiver Ego) this boot is also a bargain! The Fey Bros at Telemarkdown are now the NA distributor for Crispi, so order direct from them or from you local Crispi retailer.

    Two thumbs up!
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    For comparison - Crispi Shiver/Evo review on EarnYourTurns with pictures showing the "whittling" required around the inserts at the toe.

    ain't no turn like tele!


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      Hey Dostie, nice review, I must have missed that while I was gone.

      So building on Dostie's review:

      The Shiver three buckle design does need work, unlike the TX, the cuff is too low and the upper buckle really doesn't work for heel retention. As Dostie said, the Evo is a better choice.

      The cuffs do not provide a ton of hiking "freedom", even completely unlocked they retain some forward lean, which is clearly sub par for BC ski boots nowadays.

      But, there is no tele boot more powerful than the Evo, so if you swing that way then these are boots are worth a look.

      Also, for an AT/tech crossover boot, the Evos are sweet!


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        No more Evo Rando next year , but the standard Evo NTN comes with inserts ..... very interesting , semi rigid flex on Evo NTN compared to soft flex on Evo Rando...

        Check them out :

        You can also see them in this short video showing the exciting prototype of the new M-equipment binding :

        I suddenly really want some new boots and bindings