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Scarpa Boot Buckle Replacement??

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  • Scarpa Boot Buckle Replacement??

    Anyone know where i can buy this middle strap? The black wire-and-tooth strap that goes into the buckle? Thanks

    Click image for larger version

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    Did you try calling Scarpa NA customer service? They've always been really helpful when I've called for parts in the past.


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      ditto, call or email scarpa. The have been very good getting me spare parts too, sometimes free. i think the T2 Eco uses a compatible part so they should still have it.

      But if scarpa can't help, you could probably bodge together something with parts from this site:


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        Interesting ratcheting power strap on that site. Though I don't think I'll be replacing my Booster straps any time soon.

        Wish I still had a ratcheting instep buckle on my new(ish) Tx Comps - the new style buckle (also on the T1 and T-race) is annoying to get on and off, and harder to adjust.


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          ditto with the TXPro instep buckle. I have considered replacing it, but not that annoyed, yet. T2X/eco buckle should fit.


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            Originally posted by jasonq View Post
            you could probably bodge together something with parts from this site:
            You're kind of like the Mother Lode, Jason. I used to wish for a "like" button on these forums, but would be inadequate...
            nee, Whiteout


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              Thanks All, I posted on a Sunday night with impatience. Monday called Scarpa. They sent me one too small but I'm confident I'll be able to solve it through them.