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Crispi NTN boots out of spec?

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  • Hi HKL,

    I measured my Evo WCs tonight and the duck Butts are each in the 178 to 179 range (front to back, not inserts to back) on my tape measure. The thickness of the duck butt is 7.6mm on the ends and 9.5 in the middle. I used a cheap digital caliper to measure the thickness and a cheap tape measure to measure the length so take it what you will. Both boots appear to have the same measurement.

    I hope that helps


    • I know I’m a little late to the party, but did HKL ever figure out the Evo/Outlaw combo? I have the same setup, and just last week I start releasing, and I can now shake my right ski straight off my boot while standing. I’ve tried adjusting the spacers as 22D suggested, but no luck so far. My roommates Scott Voodoo boots have no problems in my Outlaw X bindings.


      • Hello, I am grateful for having found this thread. I have Crispi Evo size 26, Meidjo 2.1 binding and the boot continuously comes out of the binding. I also have some Scarpa tx's which do not have the same problem. When comparing the distance between the back of the duck butt to the tech fittings, the Crispi is about 5mm shorter.
        Having read all the above, it would seem that this is a well documented problem, but has anyone come up with a possible solution? as it is the boots are useless. Has anyone had any luck trying to get the boots replaced and if so was that a solution to the problem. Also has anyone tried to modify the binding, either with or without Pierre's guidance, and if so was the modification to the spring box or the flexitor plate? In my case, I think I would have to lose about 3mm to get the all important gap between the spring box and the flexitor plate. Pierre seems to know about the problem, because when I complained to Telemark Pyrenees about the boots they discussed it with Pierre and he supplied a new pair of spring boxes, which he thought might solve the problem. Unfortunately it has made no difference and I think Telemark Pyrenees have lost interest in this as they now don't answer my emails.
        Any bright ideas?


        • hello James, Unfortunately I can't be of much help. I don't ski TTN bindings. I am kind of OCD about mechanical objects. As a solution, you seem to be aware that you have 2 choices. (the old "raise the bridge" or "lower the river" adage applies here)

          Here are my options:

          1)Add a piece of plastic to the boot's "duckbutt". The problem with that will be the claw of the binding will work to rip it off the boot, especially if it's just a small strip of plastic.

          2)Add a piece of material to the inside of the binding claw. Since I don't have the meidjo, I'm not sure if it's feasable but expressing the idea may illicit a response from someone here who knows if it's possible.

          3)Trim the binding's hard pieces so it can collapse that extra 5mm you need to capture the duckbutt on your boot. Again, that's something that you would need to inspect the binding to find out if it's possible.

          4)Lastly, take the boot to a bandsaw and carefully remove the duckbutt, and mount one of the 3D printed duckbutts that bobbytooslow makes, and reposition the duckbutt correctly.

          Good luck, welcome to the site
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