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  • Good info, thanks.


    • Originally posted by dschane View Post
      That's a solid summary. I personally enjoy turning in the Tx over the F1 or F3, mostly because of the way they flex.

      AF - why is a T-nut better than going with an insert for the MBolt-Ons (or Edge Guards)? If you don't have to go all the way through with an insert, seems like the insert would be more water tight.
      For one the pebax plastic the shells are made of is soft, you can tap it and even if you could get full thread engagement I would not trust it to hold the bolt on duckbutt. Second is that it’s much thinner than the length of the inserts so you’d only have partial thread engagement as bobbytooslow states. I’d say that a scuff guard with full threaded insert engagement would be fine but a t-nut is better and will work for the long term, replacing the scuff guards when they wear out. For waterproof-ness overlay some gorilla tape on the t-nut.

      Originally posted by bobbytooslow View Post
      The plastic sole of my F1 Races is only ~1/8" thick, barely thick enough for 2 threads of a 5/16"-18 threaded insert. Plus, they'd protrude into your footbed. The ideal solution would be a thin plate with 4 threaded barrels. But T-nuts seem to be holding up ok.
      Exactly, when you take Scarpa ski boots apart you see that they use some form of t-nut to back every machine screw in the boot.
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      • According to some discussions found on the net, the Crispi carbon boot seems to be a genuine prototype from Crispi. They have more boots out for testing.


        • Uncle (or, aunt).

          Click image for larger version

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          • I've been lurking for a while now, and looking for donor boots for almost as long. Just finished up my first T1 RSs (name is still in the works) using T1 lowers (25.5) and Maestrale RS cuffs (27.5). The cuff to lower fit is just about perfect. At first I was concerned that it would be too tight, but now there is just the tiniest bit of room between the upper and lower when in ski mode (less than a 2 mm gap if I had to guess).

            Purpose: I have an older pair of T1s, and while they are my daily drivers, I spend a substantial amount of time touring in them each winter. I am after improved ROM, and while there may be a small weight improvement (not yet sure as I do not have access to a scale at the moment).

            Use: Daily driver boots used with Voile Hyperchargers (22D Axl) and Moment Tahoe (22D Axl). Both bindings skied in positions "mild" or "medium." While an aggressive skier, my skier weight is <140 Lbs and I'm fairly "light on my feet." Skiing in New England, roughly half and half in terms of resort versus North Eastern BC (Green Mountains, Western Maine, Mount Washington) with one big push to the Chic Chocs each winter.

            Execution and Follow-Up: I'd say I'm about 90% there on the first boot. Cuff came off of the T1s with relative ease, taking the cuff off of the Maestrales required some gentle removing of cuff material that is attached in the walk mode region. Hoping to transplant it over to prevent snow creep. Putting the cuffs on the T1s was easy. I used the same hardware that was on the T1s. I still need to expand the hole on the lateral cuff to accommodate the canting adjustment. Currently I just have the screw holding the cuff in place. Removing the T1 walk mode required pushing the pin 3/4 of the way out. The pin has a flared end, I worked from the smaller diameter end. I used a hammer and small hex bit on a socket extension to knock the pin out. This took a surprising amount of force and caused minor deformity at the exit. I made a few small cuts in the Pebax to ease the pin out. Once it was pushed out adequately, the original T1 walk mode piece came right out. It was then easy to knock the pin back in. It is not quite as far in as I would like at the moment and I'll be working on seating it back in closer to it's original depth. Using a box knife, I was able to shave away enough material to expose the pin for the Maestrale ski/walk mode to engage. I had planned to use a dremel for this but do not currentlyLastly, I think I'll shave down the ridges on the T1 lower above the heel cup that are designed to interface with the cuff. They are limiting the forward ROM and occasionally cause some clicking.

            Results/Fit: Full disclosure, I haven't skied these yet. That said the rearward ROM is phenomenal and noticeably greater than the original T1. These seems particularly promising for walking about, long and flat approaches, and general comfort. Forward ROM hasn't changed all that much but I'll work on the aforementioned ridges.


            • mgltraveler,

              Results look promising. Since you're using a more recent Maestrale cuff with the single stake on the Achilles to lock the cuff in turn mode, I think you can shave off some of the lower shell where the bottom of the cuff rests in full recline mode. This "bumper" prevents the cuff from rotating back and taking a few millimeters off the top should add a couple of degrees of rear motion. I'm doing that with my 1st gen TX-Pros. Completely removed the stake that the cuff locks on for turns since I always ski in walk mode anyway. With the stake gone, the material that holds the pin to secure the stake isn't needed anymore, so I plan to take at least 3mm off, maybe 5. In theory this will add 5-8 degrees rear motion. With that, I might stop whining for new boots.

              ain't no turn like tele!


              • I need new boots. Does anyone have any update on the rumoured new Scarpa boots, either on what they are supposed to be or when they will be out?

                I skied with the Scarpa Europe Rep last year and he said that they were definitely working on new boots and that they might be out for the 19/20 season but definitely by 20/21 season. He didn't give much away on what the updates would actually be.

                I know everyone is after a different boot. My ideal would be the 'Maestrale' of Tele boots: A good chunk lighter than the TXPro, better ROM and probably only need 3 buckles. That's plenty of boot for me to drive my Ravens / Enforcers / GPOs in anything other than horrendous conditions. I'm not hucking cliffs.

                New Scarpa boot aside, my options at the moment seem to be:

                1) Hack my TXPros - I've very much enjoyed all the tinkering posted in this area, I have tested not using the top buckle and strap on my TXpros and it was fine so I could happily lose the top inch of the boot + top buckle. Is there a concensus on the best option for the walk/tour lever? The Maestrale one looks nice and looks like it could retrofit to the TXPro and allow for a bit of grinding of the shell to improve ROM (anyone tried it?). The problem with this option is that the bellows in one of my boots seems to have gone really soft and collapses in on the foot in an uncomfortable way so, while it may be fun to tinker, it's not really a long term option unless I can stiffen the boot in some way, and so I don't want to spend much money on parts at this point.

                2) Buy some Shivas - Doesn't seem to solve much though... no improved ROM, minor weight saving, and my feet have super narrow heels which sounds like it may not work well with the Shiva fit. Probably better to buy some new TXPros and then mod them!

                3) Buy some F3's or F1s and just ski my TTS system. F3's would be more in line with the boot that I want, but the F1 might be a better companion boot in the event that Scarpa brings out a new boot next year - I could just keep the F1's for light touring.

                Thoughts / more info from anyone?


                • The boots will be officially presented next winter, and for sale in season 21/22 if everything goes as planned. It will not be a F1-style superlight boot, instead think of a Maestrale for Telemark at 1400-1500gram. There will be some innovative suprises on the boot however.

                  If you find a pair of F1, grab them, there will be a long time before a better light touring boot will be on the market.


                  • Thanks iBjorn. Sounds like the boot will be perfect for me but a year too late!

                    Do you know much about the F1? Specifically:

                    1) I can definitely find F1 race versions (the one without the tongue). Is it possible to put a tongue in these easily?
                    2) There appear to be 2 versions of the F1 normal - one with a red sole and black buckles and one with a black sole and metal buckles. Do you know the difference between them?


                    • Ben,

                      1). The F1 Race doesn't have the common Scarpa tongue attachment clip like the regular F1's do. I suppose you could fabricate/3D print something. I have skied mine quite a bit with a tongue from some other boots just held on by being under the buckle straps. It wasn't all that great, really. I've had better luck increasing the stiffness by laying a sheet of carbon fiber inside the boot, under the liner.

                      2). There were as many as 4 versions of the regular F1, depending how you count. Most later versions have a bar on the boot lower that the walk lever latches onto, but the first version had the bar on the lever, and it would click into a groove in the plastic. These are recognizable by the multi-piece walk lever. I'd stay away from these if possible. They're also not all that light. There are red-soled versions with the good walk lever as well. I prefer the all-metal buckles to the plastic zipper-style ones, but YMMV. Note that all the regular F1's have thicker soles than the F1 Race & Carbon. I find the thinner sole flexes very nicely, others feel it's a bit wimpy. I've found the regular F1 flex to be a little hinge-y, but again YMMV.


                      • I have both the red soled version of the F1 Race as well as the newer black soled version. They perform/ski identically, but the buckles are better on the newer version. The newer F1 Race also have a zippered front gaiter -- which helps in getting in to the boot. Be aware that the sizing is odd on the Race and Carbon boots due to the thinner liners used. I use a shell size smaller on F1 Race/Carbon, compared my regular Scarpa tele boots.

                        If you are used to ski in lower and softer boots, the F1 Race ski exceptionally well, but you have to drive the ski more with the forefoot and less with the shin.