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Scarpa F1 sizing questions (old bellow version)

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    I’m glad that Jason chimed in here as I think his analogy on this F1 sizing and fit is the correct way to look at them with regards to the shells and liners of the different versions. He stated that the 7UK shell size is the best fit for him as did Bjorn. And since it sounds like the three of us have the same size foot, I also realized that 7UK is best fit for me but did not come to that conclusion until I had my F1’s for some time. Since I purchased mine from Scarpa NA back in 2011 the details are fuzzy at how I ended up with the 7.5 UK 26.5MP size. Ultimately, I should have purchased the next size smaller 7UK, 26MP size but I’ve been able to make mine work with different liners and boot fitting.
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      Originally posted by dschane View Post
      If this is directed to me, I haven't purchased them yet. There's some Italian store that has them, and there was a link somewhere in one of these pages on this site. I think they are 400 Euros. Tough to decide whether to jump now or wait until 2021, 2022, or 2023 when Scarpa, Scott, or Crispi offers up a new line-up of boots. Someone should try to convince other companies (La Sportiva?) to enter the mix. It's a gamble on us telemarkers, but with the explosion (perhaps saturation) of AT boots, a little risk may be in order.
      Are you still skiing your Kreuzspitze TTS rig? One negative of the OG F1 as im sure you know, is the toe shape only works in tech toe bindings. So even if you add the Michael bolt on duckbutt the boots won’t work in the Outlaw or other frame bindings. There are still plenty of binding options to use the F1.
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        That's a good point. I still have the Kreuz on some super light and skinny skis and that's what I'd pair with the F1s, should I ever get my hands on a pair (not holding my breath). I might try them with the Lynx if/when those arrive along with the Bolt-on plastic gizmo. Otherwise, I have a pair of Tx's that carry a small weight penalty but ski like a dream.


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          Given the lack of new boots coming in the next 2 years, I'm on the hunt for an F1 and then will listen to Michael Bolton (argh) while bolting him on.

          So, used F1s seem the easiest to find. F1 Race less so and F1 Carbon is a unicorn. Besides weight, any pros to the Race or Carbon? Are they noticeably worse for the ski down given the lack of stiffness in the shin area? I'd personally rather have that stiffness on the down than be uber light on the way up but essentially skiing some potentially steep and schwaggy conditions in the modern-day equivalent to leather.

          And for sizing -- it sounds like for some, the size remains the same compared to their Tx boot size; for others, they went down a size; and for others, they went up a size? If so, fuuuuuuck.


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            I feel your frustration, brother. I personally prefer the way the bellows/sole flex in the F1 Race and F1 Carbon. As Allan has pointed out, there's one less layer than in the regular F1 (and presumably the F3). I'm sure the stiffer ones can be broken in just fine.

            You are correct about the lack of stiffness in the shin area. When I'm skiing hard riding the chairlift, I throw on an old T-Race power strap, and place an old plastic tongue (T3?) under the cuff and instep buckle. Looks goofy, but they ski great, so whatever.

            As for sizing, I'd recommend trying to find your standard TX size. If they end up being a little roomy, throw a different liner in there; it'll give you a little more support anyway. I've had success with my old T2X liners.

            Here are some 26.5 F1 Races on Boulder Craigslist (likely a 301mm BSL). I wear a 28.0 TX (316mm BSL) and 11.0 Nike, and these would probably give me a nice "race" fit for fitness laps and quick tours.


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              Good insights, bobby, thanks.

              P.S. what screws did you use for the Michael Bolt-ons?
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