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Crispi XP vs. Garmont Syner-G

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  • Crispi XP vs. Garmont Syner-G

    Howdy Gang,

    My Syner-G’s are shot. I think I have 10+ years on these boots. My goofy feet are VERY happy in the o’l Garmont boots. I’ve tried on about every 75mm boot available the past few weeks, with the exception of Crispi XP’s. Thought before ordering, I would ask if anyone could give first had comparison of flex/fit between the two. I did try on a TX the other day and it fits well. All this talk of TTS is tempting. However, I prefer to stay with my Axl’s for the moment. As a side note, I skied the Ener-G on and off for a few seasons before selling. Always migrated back to the Syner-G. I think a softer, flexi, boot fits my ski style.

    Any thoughts appreciated!

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    I do think the TX is the most similar in fit and feel to the SynerG (the EnerG is my all-time fav tele boot) but I have tried TTS and NTN and came back to Axls because I like the performance better. Have you tried Black Diamond's tele boots? I am on the BD Push which is stiffer than EnerG and much stiffer than the SynerG so you would probaly not like, but the three buckle Seeker is less stiff (prolly still stiffer than the SynerGs). The BDs feel about the same width as the SynerG/EnerGs but are a little shorter per same shell size so you may need to go up a shell size.

    I know so many skiers that have not found a comparable replacement for their SynerGs/EnerGs which resulted in some going AT and some moving to NTN. The boots that Garmont replaced the Gs with were strange and after a few years, out of business...