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Taking apart TX Pro

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  • Taking apart TX Pro

    Has anyone removed the tongue and/or cuff from a Scarpa TX Pro? I would like to know if it's as straightforward as it looks. One screw for the tongue; two for the cuff, and slide it off the metal ski/walk mode plate.

    I'm pretty sure that part should be as easy as it looks, but I'd also like to be able to remove the metal post/plate on the heel that locks the boot into ski mode. It looks like it's attach via a pin that could be punched out (one side looks skinnier than the other), but I don't really know if that's the case, or if it's one solid piece that they somehow molded into the boot.

    If anyone has dinked around with this and knows anything, I'd appreciate any insight. Thanks.

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    Can't help you with the heel as I've only dismembered my comps, not my pros (different ski/walk latch), but the other fasteners that you mentioned are essentially the same - the trick is to keep the square, inner nut from spinning when you try to unscrew the bolt. It kept spinning on me, gouging the plastic, and i couldn't come up with a tool to hold it tightly enough to get the bolt loosened. Finally gave up and sent them into Scarpa .....


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      The problem is what Paul Lutes mentioned - holding that square nut. It's a bitch. If you really want to DIY, I recommend getting a replacement from Scarpa and drilling the MF out. Except for that it's fairly straightforward - drift punch the walk-mode pin out.

      Why are you doing this?
      backcountry in northern New Mexico


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        The bolts ends for the cuff are "squashed" on the inside, so they are a biatch to get undone, but it's doable with needle nose vise grips and some elbow grease.

        The tongue is easy, one bolt.

        The walk mode does not "slide off", you will need to use a punch and press out the pin that holds the slider into the lowers, so the slider will stay attached to the upper.

        Any yeah, why are you doing this?

        Oh, and while you have the slider out, you might as well drill a third hole in the slider so you have more forward lean adjustment


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          Thanks for the input.

          I'm getting a rig set up for a ski race/traverse in March. Skis will be Madshus Glittertinds, and apparently there has been trouble in the past with overflow on frozen rivers thoroughly icing NNN & SNS boots to bindings--sometimes a bottle of hot water will free them, sometimes not; and breakage with those bindings has not been uncommon. One of the more successful participants has recently used a rig with a modified Dynafit boot and tech toe, and I'm following suit. There's a lot of testing and break-in I need to figure out, but the plan is to use the TX Pro (because I would like to upgrade to either NTN or TTS next year anyway so I can justify buying the boot) with the tongue and cuff removed with an Intuition liner made for a mountaineering boot. My wife has a pair of Dynafits, so I'm going to steal her tech toe because the shop said they can fit quiver killers for the toe piece onto the Glittertinds so I can move it back and forth between these skis and her skis when I need to. I think the bellows will be helpful in this application, and the boot should handle my crampons well. The stiffness of the boot should be good for skating on those skis too. Lastly, I'm going to glue something like a Mountain Tools Super Gaiter around the boot to keep myself as waterproof as possible. **** show? We'll see once I get things put together.

          Good call on drilling a third hole in that slider btw.


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            Wow. You have got to post a post-surgery picture.
            backcountry in northern New Mexico


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              Well, I couldn't get the cuff all the way off. Got the cant adjustment side off but the other just spun on me and I couldn't get a tool in there to hold it. Upon closer inspection though, I don't think they would have worked well because part of the bottom buckle comes off with the tongue, and I want that to stay on the boot for my purposes. Back to the drawing board. Gonna take a quick look at those Crispi boots mentioned in the thread next door.