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Bellows crimping/cutting on new Terminator X?

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  • Bellows crimping/cutting on new Terminator X?

    I have a season on the newest version of the Scarpa TX, green color, essentially the same as the previous orange color, or so I assumed. Anyway, I am skiing TTS and TTS Axls, the majority of my skiing being on the TTS, so I'll acknowledge that they have limited ROM and this may be causing my bellows wear...

    So what I have is a line, like a crimp, that appears to be caused by the shell edge above the bellows biting into the first bellows fold. At first I though it was a defective boot and I went through Scarpa and did an exchange, but now that it's happened on a second pair, I see the pattern.

    The crimp is bad, having now become a "cut" that is showing light; ie no longer water proof. This is a huge bummer as these boots cost a bunch of coin and all I can do now is cover the cut with tape or goo, but they have no resale now which kinda sucks.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    I previously skied the original TX which had a super burly bellows and it never showed any sign of wear.

    I'm getting some Crispi Shiver Randos for the coming season, had hoped to sell the TX, but now I guess they'll be relegated to back ups, flower pots, or boat anchors...

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    I think it's foolish and maybe even a bit predatorial to assume there's much resell out of any tele boot. Most last 100 to 150 days depending on skier's weight, style, and terrain choices. If you divide the new cost of the boot by 2 for taking them out of the store and then deduct one percent of their life for each day you spend on them there's not much value left usually. That being said, I do feel your pain. They should certainly last their full life without holes through their shell. If you want any other Scarpa boots I'd follow up with them. I'd bet they'll sell you something new at wholesale. If not then I'd chalk it up to experience and steer clear of Scarpa tele until they improve the plastic.