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  • Scarpa Sizing?

    I'm asking those out there who are a 9.5 street (US) shoe to offer some sizing help. I'm looking for a pair of used T1s. According to Scarpa sizing, I need a 27.5, but my experience with Scarpa is I need to go down a full size. Problem is that experience is 10+ years old when shell sizes were 7/8, 9/10, etc. So, I'm just not sure how Mondo translates to my current size.


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    Well, I wear a size 10 1/2 , 11 shoe. 43 or 44 in a Birkenstock. My foot size in a Scarpa works with a size 28.5. Which is a size 29 shell (Scarpas shell size break on the full size) with a somewhat thicker liner than a 29.
    So I can actually wear a Scarpa boot, with really thin socks, in a 28,5 straight out of the box. It feels tight at first, but just wearing the boots around the house (and skiing) they start to fit ok. If I decide to put in a thick custom footbed, say a Superfeet Kork, then I will bake the liner.
    I guess I'm lucky, I have a Scarpa foot.

    here is a chart for Scarpa sizing..
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      IMO, I think you should try a 26.5/27.0 shell for a 9.5 man's foot. So, one size smaller. I am a 11 US and can fit a 27.5/28.0 shell in Scarpa boots. However, also IMO the newer Scarpa 75mm teleboots fit a tad smaller than the older models.
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        To confirm your instincts, I wear 9.5 street shoes, sometimes 9E. Good snug fit in 26.5 Scarpa TX probably 3-4 years old version, using Intuition liner and no footbed. Don't know how that compares to T1, but if you're familiar with Garmont it's the same feel as Garmont Ener-G 26.5.


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          Garmont 26.5 is 26. A 26.5 Scarpa is a 27. Both the EnerG and the TX are wide, high volume fits, so you may be noticing the volume fit more than the length.

          The numbers in the Scarpa shells are part numbers that may at one time have been based on UK sizing. Some of them, like the tongues, overlap shell sizes. I have not done an exhaustive study to determine which parts go with which sizes. Once the original box is gone, it's best to ignore those numbers and if you can measure against a known boot you can figure out exactly which shell size you have.

          T1 is a lot narrower last than TX, so to get the widest part of some feet to correspond to a wide enough part of the shell, you may need to go up a shell size. But I really think 26.5/27 is the right shell size for you. I measure 10.5 US and wear size 11 in running and street shoes. I ski in a 26.5/27 T1 with a performance fit. 27.5/28 is going to be so long it will be noticeably not good when you tele. You might not have a T1 foot if you think a TX in your size is tight.


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            Everybody needs to find their own place in the boot sizing world.

            It is not just the length. It is also arch length and volume and... I have been told that I have a longer arch length and short toes and this allows me to go a little shorter for a snug fit.(?) If you have trouble, go to a good boot-fitter.

            'Sounds like Caesar goes for a true performance fit. I wear a 10 to 10-1/2 hiking/street/dress shoe depending on the fit. I have no idea how the different models vary as far as volume, but I wear a 27 scarpa T2x (26.5/27) snug and a 27 garmont excursion (27/27.5) for a more comfortable touring fit. The 27.5/28 scarpa would have been too big for me too. I have no idea how a mondo27 equates to a us9 in that sizing chart...? I think It is a really good thing that the different lines have staggered shell sizes.

            Also, when looking for sizes stamped on the shell make sure you are looking at the main part of the boot. as Caesar said the cuffs and tongues have much greater size ranges but there is often a mark deep down in the main body of the shell.

            have fun!

            P.S. Always check the shell fit without the liner. With toes just touching the front of the shell measure the gap between your heel and the back of the shell. Two fingers side by side is too much and one finger flat is too little. This doesn't guarantee a good fit but it should get you in the right length shell. If one size is at the bottom of the range and the next size is at the top of the range try a brand where the shell sizes break in between.
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              Well, the last time I went to a pro-bootfitter, he said my new size 29 Prophets were too large. He said I should go with a 28 shell size. I swapped the new boots for size 28, went back and had him do Superfeet Kork footbeds, and cook the liners. I ended up with toe bang problems on steep terrain, on a week long trip out West (Fernie) to the point where I lost a toe nail.
              So now I avoid a "performance fit". Still ski with the Prophets locally, after grinding out the inside of the toe box a bit, but don't take them on week long trips out West..


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                I wear a 9.5 (sometimes 10) street shoe and use the 25.5/26 Tx Comps. When I was on 3-buckle T1s I had 26.5/27 but they were a little big (mostly long) and felt sloppy once the liners packed out a bit. I can't imagine wearing 27.5. But I like a "performance fit", even for touring.


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                  What people wear for a street size doesn't always corelate well with proper boot sizing.
                  Try measurnig your foot in cm. Mine is 27.8 cm. Mondo sizing translates to cm. I fit well in a scarpa 27.5/28 shell. My shell fit is between 1.5-2 cm.

                  There is no way I can wear any 9.5 street shoe. If you fit in one, I think your feet would swim in a 27.5/28.


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                    here is how scarpa maps from their old UK sizing to mondo sizing:
                    UK, mondo
                    13, 32
                    12, 31
                    11, 30
                    10, 29
                    9, 28
                    8, 27
                    7, 26
                    6, 25
                    5, 24
                    4, 23
                    3, 22

                    1/2 mondo down is the same shell size. ie UK7 is mondo 26, and 25.5 shares the same shell.

                    there are some charts in the dark corners of the web that have the BSL, UK size, and mondo size for each scarpa model.


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                      Yeah, I'm like Cham. I wear a size 10.5 street shoe and my bare feet measure just under 28 cm. So, I should be a mondo point 27.5/28 and Scarpa's chart confirms that. However, that boot size that crushes my toes too much, esp. while touring, and I prefer a little extra space (my feet stay warmer and accommodates end of day foot bloatiness), so performance fit be damned. I know, another data point for Cesare's point that most people wear boots that are too big for them.

                      Point is that personal preference does not always correspond with the chart. I'd measure your foot in cm and try on the two sizes that could apply -- 26.5/27 and 27.5/28. It's going to be one of those or perhaps 25.5/26.0.


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                        Thanks everyone....Looks like 26.5/27 shell is the way to go. Then fit liner accordingly. Depending on deal I can get, I'll probably get a new liner anyway.

                        I only ask street shoe for those who have the same foot size not as a comparison to ski boot size. My T1s have always been super comfortable for me until the last 2-3 years. I think they are just broken down and the duck bill rocker is out of control.

                        On to the hunt......


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                          jasonq wrote
                          there are some charts in the dark corners of the web that have the BSL, UK size, and mondo size for each scarpa model.
                          scroll down to bottom of this chart for a Mondo size to BSL for various Scarpa boots..
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                            I've noted this before, but it's odd that the chart I linked to says mondo size 28.5 = U.S. men's 11.5, but the chart Cham linked to says 28.5 = U.S. men's 10.5.


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                              Originally posted by dschane View Post
                              I've noted this before, but it's odd that the chart I linked to says mondo size 28.5 = U.S. men's 11.5, but the chart Cham linked to says 28.5 = U.S. men's 10.5.

                              your link won't open unless you put a period between the word Download and the Pdf text. Like this Download.Pdf