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beta on Scarpa T-race?

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  • beta on Scarpa T-race?

    Anybody know anything about these boots?
    I'm guessing they're 2009 or 2010 model, but a good deal. Especially if BD and other manufacturers are stepping out of the 75mm tele business.

    I'm a big fan of garmonts and the way they fit my feet, but my voodoos are pounded and the soles have the rocker of a banana.
    I can't even find anybody that stocks scott tele boots. My local backcountry ski store did not pick up Scotts once garmont bailed out. They are saying they may not stock tele stuff this year!

    I also found something that indicates this t-race model doesn't have a walk mode? Is that true?

    Any info on these t-race models would be appreciated.

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    T Race doesn't have a walk mode.... but as I recall there were people who may have bought the walk mode hardware from scarpa and modified their T-Race boots... (maybe someone will chime in who did this) T-Race were the stiffest boot scarpa made, but they were made as a resort boot without a cuff lock mechanism.

    My first plastic boots were garmont also. I considered myself a garmont boot guy for a long time, but once garmont eliminated the energy/synergy (I owned both of them) and changed their boots drastically, I wouldn't even consider buying a pair after owning garmont's prophets....

    IMO, scarpa makes great boots, crispi boots are excellent too... You should ask on the main forum if anyone modifyed T-races to have a walk mode. I bet someone will respond who is more certain than I am if this can be easily done.

    * You can also call scarpa USA and ask them if the T-race can be modified to have the standard touring mechanism. I bet they will give you a good answer... I've had good luck with them. They were always very helpful to me on the phone.
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      Tour mode conversion information here:


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        Hey, first time poster but I was wondering if anyone knows where you can get the tour mechanism. I've found the non-telemark version, but not the one for the T-Race. I tried emailing Scarpa but haven't heard. Thanks!


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          If you can get it all it would be direct from Scarpa. Keep in mind that this 'tip' was posted in 2010, so availability of parts is definitely suspect. Good luck. Let us know if you are successful.
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            Thanks, Dostie. I reached out to Scarpa. They told me they don't have them but the person I spoke with thought they would be getting more in. My main concern was that they were not going to be available again, which is not the case. I was told to submit a request through their warranty department and would be notified when they're available again. I"ll let everyone know if I hear more.


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              I'm pretty sure I have the 26 mondo size that's missing in the list. My boots at least
              have a problem that lead me to suspect that they were factory QA rejects.

              One of the screws for the adjustment on the heel lock angle had "stripped" the inset
              in the boot that holds the square metal nut. The bolt and nut threads were fine, but
              the screw had been overtightened and spun the nut inside the boot. This made it
              very difficult to loosen the bolt. Since they more or less worked out of the box,
              I gave up on it.

              This is a kind of defect I would not accept in a full price boot, but at that price I was
              okay with it. I would double check any of those boots for minor problems like that.

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                I have the modified Candycanes with the newest tour block and I couldn't be happier. The mod was done by the PO but he said it was a very simple job. Be aware that the T-race does not have the same volume as the Voodoo and may be cramped for a wide forefoot. I'm a solid C width with a narrow-ish heel and they fit me well.
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                  I bought the candycane T-races and have an inquiry in to Scarpa about the powerblock mechanism. They're still showing as not in stock on the website and I haven't heard back from them. The liners in the boots are getting several wear spots due to skinning with no walk mode. There's also some scuffing on the shells where they overlap.
                  Anybody have any suggestions other than ski them til they fall apart? I'd even buy some used parts if anybody has any old T-race's they're not using.