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Frankenboot Size Mismatching

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  • Frankenboot Size Mismatching

    I currently run a size 27.0 TX Pro and lucked into basically unused size 28.0 Maestrale 2.0 shells. I'd love to do the cuff replacement but am unsure if the cuffs will be too big to work due to the size mismatch. Any insight for me?

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    Seems like most folks advise using exactly what you've got, donor cuffs from a boot one size larger than the TX Pro scafo. Other combinations will likely work, but I've heard multiple folks say that that combo fits the best.


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      There is usually a size indicator on the inside of the shell cuff. Ideally you want the same size as the original for the replacement cuff. Or 1 size bigger as BTS indicated.

      Hint: Furniture carriage bolts. Available at Ace.

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        Thanks all. Might have to make an attempt on the frankenboot once I can secure a backup boot in case I cork things up. Are the furniture carriage bolts for the cuff pivot?


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          Successful frankenboot conversion. Waiting on some bushings for one side of the pivot (the other side mated perfectly with the Maestrale hardware) but going to take it for a rip this weekend. Anyone know where I can find different sized square T-nuts? I can grind the TX shell to size for what I've got but would prefer to avoid that.
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            Try a gander at They have an absurd selection of boot hardware.