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  • tx pro instep buckle mods

    Last season I blew the instep cable on my TX pros. I've never really loved that buckle because it's a ladder style buckle that only has 4 positions and I feel as though I'm just always bottomed out. I'd love to get it a little tighter but it just won't go. However, I see on the T2 that the instep buckle cable has (what looks to be) the same attachment design but its a ratchet style design with more adjustability. Seeing as I still need to swap out the cable on these boots I think it'd be really amazing to swap it out to the t2 style cable and buckle. Maybe even use a cable from a boot a couple sizes smaller so it'd sit in the middle of the adjustment range. I really feel like this would be a huge help for me personally, due to my low instep, in keeping my heel locked back in the boot.

    also, somewhat related, i've been having a really hard time removing the bolt/T nut at this point. does anyone have good advice for how to get enough leverage on the T-nut that i can remove the outer bolt? I have replacement bolts and T nuts for both boots if i need to drill them out, but if i can avoid this that would be nice.

    has anyone tried this who can shine some light? i already have the instep cables and the buckles are still in place so if i have to, simply replacing the cable is easy. but i'd happily pay for the ratcheting style buckles/cables from the T2 if if will give me more adjustability on my instep

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    that screw is a bitch. i have never gotten it out with resorting to drilling it out. there is a scrapa video somewhere where they say they lock-tite the snot out of it, and use a soldering iron to heat it first. I tried that and a small propane heat gun. no luck for me.

    sometime before winter i am going to go for another round of trying on my TXP's to try a buckle mod. My plan is to use a dremel to cut a slot on the inside square t-nut, then fashion a psuedo screwdriver blade with a notch to go over the tail of the screw, and hope it works. if not, then i'll swear a bunch and curse scarpa some more, drink a beer, then drill the head off the screw.

    PS, i heard the new scarpa tele boot will have new fittings that allow you to remove and replace the cuff, power strap, and all the buckles with no tools, while wearing gloves, in a white out, in the middle of a turn. can't wait.