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Crispi Antartic Boots

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  • Crispi Antartic Boots

    I've found a source for these but I'm unsure if they will fit the bill.

    Anyone have any feedback on them?

    I'm particularly interested in ankle support and sole break in. Are they high enough and stiff enough in the heel/ankle to keep from rolling your ankle? And does that very rigid sole break in enough to keep heel lift at bay and provide a comfortable kick and glide without giving up too much torsional stiffness?

    I'm looking for a boot that will fill the spectrum between a soft, injection molded touring boot (Alpina Alaska) and a full plastic Excursion type. Ideally I'd like to acquire the whole range but I still feel the need for something in between those two.

    Thanks in advance for any insight.
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    Hey MikeK--I think you will get much more airtime for this over in the general forum. IME threads like this, and "cable or not,"[1] are general set-up questions, and this GEAR subsection more technically focused, like whether the old carbon steel for eyelets the Antarctic boots were better than the new delrin. Whether that's true or not, I'm pretty sure you'll get more eyes on this there.

    [1]and I confess to rating that one-star, not because it is terrible, but as an attention getter to the moderator to do you a favor and move it. Seems I can't change, once rated.
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      Thanks for the heads up. I'll repost these questions in the main forum.