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  • Q on BD Axis boot

    Hello Craig, I read most of your reviews regarding boots... I was wondering how the Axis (from BDiamond that you mentioned on your blog) relates to a T2 eco for example... I have a blue T2, 3 buckles, Intuit. liner (same gen as T2x). The Axis seems very soft in forward flexing but more solid laterally than my actual boots. They feel burlier because they are higher than my T2. Seems like a perfect boot for a guy my weight (127 pounds), driving a Bushwacker (sub 90 ski). I would use em with Cobra and CRB 3pin HW.

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    Hmmm, need to clear out the cobwebs in the cranium on that one. As I recall, it was my boot of choice from BD while it was available. I only skied it briefly, but agree, it was the most similar boot in BD's line to Scarpa's T2X. In fact, it was the only boot I would have seriously traded for. It did not have the BOA liner and had a more balanced flex pattern. Most of BD's tele boots are cuff dominant whereas Scarpas tend to have a more even contribution from the cuff and bellows for the overall tele flex sensation. The Axis mimicked that better than any other BD tele boot. Of course, the Axis was dropped and BD pushed the Push instead.

    ain't no turn like tele!


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      I'm coming off the first full season since leaving the Scarpa T2X for the BD Push. I found these boots to be relatively equivalent and in fact very much like the flex of the Push over the T2X. I have heard about problems with cold feet in the BD boots and firmly believe it is inexperience with the BOA system and folks are over tightening them and cutting off circulation. I thin the blue T2 are a much more touring based boot than the T2X and as such if you want an equivalent boot to the T2 do not go to the BD Push. The BD is Push is a good hard driving boot capable of driving my Voile Chargers with Axles as hard as I want them to go (read: I found my perfect setup!). If you want oturing stuff stay lighter than this and you will be good. My specs as are 5' 10" 155lbs size 11 foot (skinny). Hope this frame of reference helps. Cheers.


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        Thanks Dostie...