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Voodoo DynaFit Heel Retrofit?

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  • Voodoo DynaFit Heel Retrofit?

    Anyone ever retro fit Scott Voodoos with dynafit heel pieces? Just bought a demo pair of Volie V6s with Miedjos. I'd like to remove the plugs on the voodoos and install the heel fittings so I can use the Meidjo heel piece. Any beta before I start with the Dremel would be appreciated.
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    If you have plugs in your boots, true, distinct pieces of plastic mounted in the Dynafit cavity then it should be a simple operation to remove the plug and put the Dynafiddle heel insert in. Theoretically. If you have to cut out plastic that fills this cavity as part of the lower shell you'll have to be werry, werry, kareful.

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      They're plugs - definitely a seam but they look pretty well glued in. I'll ski them for a season and see if I even need the heel piece - just switching over from CRBs and T2s - just 3 years before that Rivas and Chilis with leathers since 1988. So I'm stoked finding these v6/Miedjo demos at Mammoth. It might be nice tho - fixing the heel. Boys are now beating their old man down the hill. Need an equalizer. ha.


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        The v6 with Meidjo is a nice setup. You should be happy with that. Only you can decide if the tech heel is worth it. I have been known to use mine occasionally, and I like it. I'm not too proud.


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          With the Meidjos, I have never found a situation where I thought I would be better off locking my heels. Mind you, nowadays I never ski "you fall you die" zones.


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            Good to hear - thanks - and no, I won't be skiing in those zones either.