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New 3D Print: Scarpa F1/F3 Bellows Guard

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  • New 3D Print: Scarpa F1/F3 Bellows Guard

    I've been playing around with 3D modeling and printing, and decided to make something others here might find useful. It's a bellows guard that fits the contours of the old F1/F3 boots. Because it snaps into the lip on the bellows, it only needs one M5 screw and rivnut to stay in place. I also put that screw hole exactly where the rivet goes on the F1 Carbon, which makes installation super easy if you happen to have a pair. I've only installed these on 26.5/27 boots (301 BSL); if your size is very different, it may not fit.

    Link to Shapeways product:

    Note: I haven't printed this with Shapeways yet, just my low-res printer at home (pictures below). The Shapeways print should be smoother.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	U9aE44jTDeGpoADphZY8ovZvkmyRNodce8GUhkLv_IQHo64pveTpK0FIHNPGP3avIqdI9kf58XOLQkExaMX7OY3YMtFvyNhJJmBEv9rV2gmLVdEtXnumiPBOSLptMffKE3BGIwJZno0=w800.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	8vTdY6qW2MmVrnes5mlAFZGoGS2t-55vfwvmYEATrh5VFjmtVXYqrI3L_2B4Pj3aIWnnsiVNbhP9bMjoOyu_RI_GtTu28y0qeFvoY1GlLhWIpaAT9viXofR3bSJRtxQjXYK1DpvxUYA=w800.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	aR9YiI051Oar5QLzJFI1f7TQ_sZ7IMnAn7fTH4yUYnPatXt7oKO8zhG0oYEp29B_Y_w2GIR_XeY5liDqLHx9-Dcva7CFxXAssqiMVU_lFaRfzsAcLJtX8rIPomsYdGG-qWF8hZZCwlM=w800.jpg
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    Really nice work. Matching those contours isn't easy! I love how you designed it to require no new holes to be drilled. Have you tried it in Armadillo, or some other kind of quasi-flexible material?


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      I'm a total noob at this, just learning on PLA and PETG for now. I agree that something softer, maybe closer to the Pebax of the boot, would better absorb edge hits without cracking. If you have a suggestion for one of the materials on Shapeways, I can add it... TPU might be close, but for some reason I can't select it. I think there's something about the model it doesn't like.

      Eventually I'll get around to playing with other materials, but it might take a while.


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        for materials, for your home printer i have two suggestions.

        taulman nylon230. it is rather flexible, and somewhat expensive, but comes in 1lb spools so not that big an investment. I have used this material a bunch, maybe 1.5 pounds of it. printing advice, dehumidifier is really important on this filament, it really seems to soak up water, and then warp a lot during printing. Even with perfectly dry filament, it still warps more than most. i recommend a raft, and a big one, buildtak and a bunch of PVA glue stick, and a 50C bed heat.

        Evolv3D™ OBC . I have not used this filament, so i could be way off, but sounds like it would work well. it is expensive too.

        there is a pebax filament, 3DXFLEX™ TPE, i have it and it is really nice, but is very rubbery, more like at TPU. while it would work, it is not stiff at all at, shure 92A. which is pretty much the same as the TPU i have at 95A. the unprinted filament is like a stiff rubber band. the pebax does seem to print nicer than the TPU, but at over 2x the price. to print very flexible filaments on your home printer, you will need to make sure you have basically zero places in the path from the extruder drive wheel to the nozzle or else it will just buckle into the gap and jam up. I had to design and print a new guide for my extruder to have as close to zero gap as possible from the extruder drive to the entrance to my bowden tube.


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          I ended up printing a stronger version of these bellows guards out of PA12 on Shapeways. The finish is pretty nice. I won't be able to test how it holds up to a ski edge until the winter, but it seems plenty strong.

          I saw someone else ordered a set on Shapeways. For anyone looking to install these, they are sized to fit an M5 rivnut and 8mm M5 button-head screw. I got my rivnuts on ebay here: I get metric stainless hardware from monsterbolts on ebay (good prices and fast shipping). I used a needlenose pliers to hold the rivnut in place from inside the boot while installing the screw. The rivnut is very low profile once installed.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	GTP5fmrbHvA6_tRXfamQR2_zmgop77db664z1wRTVyoFIcnD9RAtIxSXrbKK2f3s8H8GjeK2Osv7O4L_Q9jlMLVXhx3-s-_of1lOrEI-5LLtYRqqdRWa_uO-zsXTmcejOo9HzVg5jr8=w800.jpg Views:	0 Size:	116.0 KB ID:	103101

          Click image for larger version  Name:	F5trD2sfZpjCiO6vN4miT6QyAExizF0Rbh-5pBH8nEd87a8vSgXLN0trqA1ogIdoesYg8xAUMKC_K6NhOzu4L4L4-aV6ujVOD1RRwm7HP6qLajKQhO0HjmwL-arGLUJJTmRc8JvSQDc=w800.jpg Views:	0 Size:	144.0 KB ID:	103102