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  • Dynafit Speed release

    i had a real problem skinning up a hard icy pitch, became too steep to skin, so kick turns to zigzag. Quite a few times my toe released, very frustrating...and had to be quick on the poke arrest so as not slide all the way back. Problem is that they do not click into walk mode more than one notch. Perhaps the TXP cups are too wide. About 63mm left, and 63.5mm right, it is the right that pops the most. My F1s are perhaps a mm less, and have not popped yet. (Measured with a plastic gauge, so not high accuracy). I have already had to file a bit of the seating away, will do some more. Normally ok skiing, though did have one release, and a bit of a slide, but think I may have not set pins or cable properly. Now remember it is good practice to give skis a bang on the edge to check they are solid. Also had to do this with the Freedoms as also had a few prereleases.
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    Ps Dynafit - Hammerhead Frankenbinding on ScottyBob Headrush.
    pps my friend was on Tua Hydrogens with Cobra bindings, and had no problems! Perhaps not just as he is a much better skier than me.


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      OK, I assume you are pulling up the lever all the way. You can pull up further as well so reef on the lever a bit. If that doesn't work then clean up the boot cups by using 60 grit and a sanding block, then sand off any high points on the plastic that is around the cups. If that doesn't work look to see if the rubber soles of the forefoot is contacting the Dynafit arms and bearing down, if that is the case then sand that off or cut it down. WTBS, you are putting a Teleboot into a AT toe piece, any torsion of the boot will affect the holding power of the cups.
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        Not sure which Dynafit Speed toe piece you are talking about
        Here is a Dynafit Speed Turn 2.0 toe piece, 4 hole mount.Click image for larger version  Name:	P1070092.JPG Views:	0 Size:	3.79 MB ID:	95100
        Click image for larger version  Name:	Dynafit Speed turn toe.jpg Views:	0 Size:	934.5 KB ID:	95101 Speed Turn 1.0 toe. Notice locking lever engages with nylon baseplate. This has a 5 hole mount pattern. In walk mode, retention IMHO is not as strong.
        Click image for larger version  Name:	Dynafit speed turn 2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.11 MB ID:	95102 Whereas the later Dynafit Speed turn 2.0 (or Radical 1.0) toe locking lever engages with cast base plate. Therefore more rigid in walk mode.

        see picture here, full AT binding set (for a very good price !)

        You can buy the Dynafit Radical toe piece from individually too.
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          It is a Speed 2.0. Same as last photo, though the plastic lever is white. I think it definitely a problem with the TXP boot toe insert, which is perhaps how I should have title this. I know that there is an article on this somewhere, still looking.
          My solution will be to file down the plastic lever, along the line of the notches, so will have to file in new notches. The issue will then be if other boots are used. I am only getting into the first notch, and carpet testing it is not difficult to knock the boot out sideways.


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            Tele Pyrenees is not bad. Mine was from Keller Sports, £150 bargain.


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              Found the article: Inserts: Weak link of the 2-Pin Tech System Nov 2015.
              Curiously my TXP distance of 63mm is correct, the 63.5mm is too wide, it should only have 0.15 tolerance.