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Dynafit Speed Radicals - anti-twist fix not working?

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  • Dynafit Speed Radicals - anti-twist fix not working?

    I'm an occasional Dynafiddler and really know little about the binding, so I'm wondering . . .

    Here, Lou explains improvements to the Speed Radical binding to avoid twisting in the wrong direction while skinning up (which then causes your binding to annoyingly lock you in):

    I have a 2012-13 pair and it has the improvement Lou discusses in the above post. However, recently, one binding kept twisting in the wrong direction while skinning up, causing the unwanted lock down. It happened about 6 times before I stopped using the risers (it happens only when the risers are engaged, which makes sense if you can visualize the problem b/c the heel of the boot never touches the heel of the binding if the risers are not engaged, and it's the stomping down on the riser in 8-10" of coastal powder that got the heel to twist in the wrong direction). Dynafit sent me an after-market fix that I think was initially created for the 2011 Speed Radicals (great customer service and no charge for the parts, by the way). I installed them (very easy to do) and they seem bomber -- it now seems virtually impossible for it to happen again.

    I'm curious -- has anyone else experienced this with the post-2011 Speed Radicals?

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    I have both the older and newer Speed Radicals and did upgrade the older Radicals with the after market internal pins which are brass and not steel. Never had a auto rotation problem with either but don't ski in the heavier snow like you have. I think with the fix you have as well as my older pair, you really need to be careful to always rotate the binding in a clockwise direction. If you don't you run the risk of shearing the brass pin and lose the anti rotation feature or more serious you might break the rear housing. most likely you would shear the pin. So, you should have a spare pin around or two incase. The reason why Dynafit changed the design away from the pins is the breaking of the rear housings and shearing of the pins, both requiring a disassembly. The pins do get stuck too and don't lock the rotation out. The new system is best in most cases, maybe not your snow.
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      Thanks for the feedback Quad. I think we have different after-market fixes. Dynafit sent me a stopper that's affixed to a plate that gets inserted under the heel piece.

      Here's the plate (I'm holding the stopper):

      Click image for larger version

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      Here it is shown mounted (to Dobish plates) -- it fits snugly right beneath the "SP" letters on the white plastic and should definitely prevent the heel from twisting in the wrong direction.

      Click image for larger version

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      I wonder if I have the 2011 version and was wrong in thinking that I had the corrected 2012 version. Mine clearly have the notches on the black base of the heel, but it's hard to tell whether they also have notches on the white plastic, rotating part of the heel. Oh well, doesn't really matter now.