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Stiffness comparison: Cobra vs Switchback X2 cartridge

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  • Stiffness comparison: Cobra vs Switchback X2 cartridge

    I would like to know if the switchback X2 cartridges are as stiff as the Cobra (just for reference). I want to replace my blue 3pin HW with the black ones... A guy at Voile told me it was feasable... I just don't know how stiff they are... «25% stiffer»... I know, but how much is that?

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    I once played around with the Switchback bindings: comparing the original binding with original cartridges, original binding with X2 cartridges, the X2 binding with original cartridges, and the X2 binding with X2 cartridges. FWIW, I concluded that the 25% increase in stiffness is barely noticeable, esp. compared to the 1.25" change in the pivot location between the original and X2 bindings which is quite noticeable.