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22 Designs goes NTN!!!!

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  • 22 Designs goes NTN!!!!

    **** YEAH!!!!!

    Telemark Skier mag seems to have gotten the scoop. Paul Kimbrough commented on Facebook that he's tried it and likes it. Looks like it uses the Axl tour mechanism which I hope it means little tour mode resistance. To be on the market in Fall 2015.


    Looks like it's gonna be step in or very close. I would assume that one would be able to use a pole tip to get out of the binding. The mechanism looks simple so I would think it's gonna end up being pretty light or close to what the Freedom weighs. Also looks like it's gonna be ski crampon friendly.

    Dostie prob got his hands all over it already. Looking forward to any write ups.
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    Rottefella partners with 22 Designs

    (Klokkarstua, Norway / Driggs, Idaho January 2014)

    Norwegian binding pioneer Rottefella has partnered with high-end binding manufacturer 22 Designs to license Rottefella's NTN technology. With the agreement, 22 Designs gains access to all of Rottefella's patents related to the NTN system.

    22 Designs has a very strong reputation in the telemark community, and their popular products have been hailed as some of the most solid bindings of all time. "We are extremely pleased to offer the developers at 22 Designs our patented technology, and believe we can continue to revolutionize the sport of telemark skiing through this partnership. Most telemark skiers know 22 Designs well, and this partnership should resonate very well among skiers who demand quality," says Rottefella's Sales Director, Torstein Myklebostad.

    The announcement comes during the second season of Rottefella's Freedom binding, targeted at skiers who prefer backcountry skiing to the resort, of which has had massive success in the market.

    22 Designs owner and R&D designer/engineer Collins Pringle is also thrilled to team up with Rottefella. "It is a pleasure to partner with Rottefella, a company with a long history in telemark bindings. With access to the NTN patents, we believe we can create outstanding bindings that will be popular worldwide. Telemark skiing has never been more exciting, and we're really looking forward to creating some great designs with the NTN system," says Pringle.

    For more information, contact:
    Torstein Myklebostad, Sales Director, Rottefella, (+47) 952 38 520, [email protected]
    Collins Pringle, owner and R&D designer/engineer, Collins Pringle , [email protected]

    About Rottefella
    Powered by you. Technology by us.
    Rottefella has focused on bindings, and only bindings, since 1927. We continue to craft superior bindings for Nordic and Telemark skiing. We refine and reinvent them – constantly, and distill the skiing insights of our Norwegian heritage into cutting edge technology. It’s not just about better bindings – it’s about who we are.

    About 22 Designs
    The Leader in Performance Telemark Bindings
    22 Designs is a name now recognized worldwide among telemark skiers for highly durable and performance oriented bindings. Founders Chris Valiante and Collins Pringle are both telemark skiers and mechanical engineers who are constantly working to innovate new bindings that exceed the expectations of our customers. 2014 marks the 10th year in business for 22 Designs.


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      Does not look releasable.


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        I wonder how much they had to pay to use the 2nd heel.


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          Telemark Skier Magazine still exists! Really?


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            Looks interesting, especially the true step in function and Axl style touring mode. Obviously still a rough proto, will be interesting to see where they go with it. I'd think they'd need to incorporate brakes and a release function to make it competitive. Those features, plus 22 Designs rep for bombproof gear....I'd be first in line for a pair.


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              There's a bit of a contest going on to name the binding. Submit your suggestions to 22 Designs, via their website.

              SMBTU - put my hands on it, but alas, not my feet. Not yet.

              ain't no turn like tele!


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                That looks like a lot of metal. That flexible metal plate under foot would be an ice magnet. Hopefully just the prototype. And yes, doesn't look to have release function. Best of luck to 22 Designs.
                Also looks to have a fairly large delta angle, something I really like about the Freedom is the relatively flat delta compared to other tele bindings.
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                  Originally posted by freeheelskier

                  22 Designs....from hammerheads to duckbutts. I don't think "duckbutters" will work as a name. Perhaps: freeminderbinder?

                  (and yes, I'm the guy who came up with "duckbutt" instead of second heel on ttips after my first demo of ntn at Loveland.)
                  Hats off to you fhs, Duckbutt says it all, eloquently.


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                    Really nice. We were just talking about this the other day... that someone like 22D needs to keep what works in their existing model, along with a static list of parts for cheap repairs, but take advantage of the tighter and shorter engagement of the second heel.

                    I imagine the metal plate would be replaced with some kind of flex plate like the current red flex plate, as the binding will need to bend with the bellows. But you can see the bones here.

                    I'd rather 22D keep it simple, basic parts, and field repairable rather than clunking it up with brakes and release. If they could integrate something without a bunch of added parts, I'd vote brakes over release just to be able to do sketchy stepins without having to clip the leash first for security.

                    Looking forward to seeing this evolve.


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                      The weight is little/lot disappointing, but it looks like a solid telemark binding. Haven't needed brakes or releasable in the past, but having absolutely no experience with NTN system, not sure if it will be on my gotta have list.


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                        Im kind of surprised/disappointed 22 wouldn't put their effort into something using the tech toe piece attachments. Looks like another heavy duck butt design with maybe an improved touring function. Really, it looks like Rotte got 22 to design their version of a Freedom. It's great to see innovation in our sport, but this is no game changer.

                        Even if this had release, there's been a releasable brick with step in capability and brakes even(!) on the market for 10+ years, 7tm. Oh yeah, but it doesn't ski like an alpine binding.
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                          Originally posted by bergbryce View Post
                          Im kind of surprised/disappointed 22 wouldn't put their effort into something using the tech toe piece attachments. Looks like another heavy duck butt design with maybe an improved touring function. Really, it looks like Rotte got 22 to design their version of a Freedom. It's great to see innovation in our sport, but this is no game changer.
                          Looks to me like they're getting close to coming up with a way to attach to the duckbutt without a mechanism in the front mucking up the space for a tech toe piece.


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                            glad to see them tinkering with NTN, but the main reasons I like NTN over the Axl is it releases and has brakes
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                              I'd love to have been a fly on the wall listening in on what must have been some very long and careful negotiations between 22D and Rotte, given the earlier patent "scuffle".