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Binding Position Shift, HH to Axl

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  • Binding Position Shift, HH to Axl

    Just read Craig's good review of Axl on EYT, which is much of interest since when I mounted Hammerheads on two pairs of skis in the last year or so, I did so thinking that I may eventually upgrade to Axls, when I can afford it, unless I need new boots, then TTS may be the best of all. Seems I remember being told by Chris at 22 Designs that mounting Axls using the mounting holes I made for HHs, the Axls would be 5mm rearward of the HH mounting. In Craig's review of Axl he says they would be forward of the HH position in the same holes. I could easily be mistaken in what I remember, but looking at the templates of the two bindings, the pin line reference is 5mm back on Axl, relative to the reference mark, labeled "Chord Center", which I understand to mean pin line, on the HH template. Am I thinking about this backwards somehow? Wouldn't likely be thinking about this kind of stuff if we had ANY snow anywhere near here at all.
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    From the 22designs website:
    Q: Do the Axls/Vices have the same hole pattern and pin line as the HammerHeads?

    A: The bindings have the same mounting pattern. The only difference is that Axls put your boot's pin line two-tenths of an inch (1/2 cm) further back than the HammerHead or Vice. So if mounting Axls with a HammerHead Jig or template, move it .2" forward on the ski. If you're mounting Axls on existing HH holes, you will not be able to tell the difference .2" makes.

    I have a HammerHead and Axl, my skis are inserted with the same hole mount and I just switch bindings to different skis. The only difference for me between the two is that the Axl has a free pivot. I use the HH3 position and Axl1, I really can't tell the difference between the two bindings. They've addressed a couple issues with the early version of the Axls and the current line has been solid for me, no complaints for what it is.


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      If the hole patterns match I would also recomend using them. I don't think the a difference of .2" will matter much. I have a pair of skis that were pro mounted and the toe pieces were off by about that much. The tech said to see how they ski and he would remount one binding if I didn't like the way they skied. They skied fine and I chose to leave them as they are rather than put more holes in the ski.


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        I mounted Axls in HH holes and skied them for at least two seasons. The difference in position was inconsequential for me.


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          It seemed that it might matter if the information on the EYT Axl review was incorrect, which it seems it may be. If someone were to follow that suggestion and position their Axl bindings 5mm back of the HH position, they would end up a full centimeter behind where they were trying to put the binding. That might be enough to matter some in the way they ski. It's all probably angels on pinheads, due to a certain lack-of-snow-around-here ennui.


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            -1 cm is at least appreciable to most folks. -.5 cm on the other hand? A lot depends on the original mount. If you're in some "pins on cord center" vacuum (yugi) then you're getting pretty far back, but if it was a standard alpine boot center mount then -.5 might be kinda nice.

            Besides if you get itchy and want to try a more forward mount you'll probably want to go at least 2 cm forward of the -.5 cm so you'll end up at plus 1.5 cm. I wouldn't do that unless you feel like the skis are kinda long. And I certainly wouldn't go too far outside of recommended mount as you can get in front or behind of the parabolic curve making the sidecut seem ineffective or maybe super grabby, that is assuming that there is some sidecut