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    So I finally finished my first foam core - cap construction ski and I used enough inserts to be able to switch between a TTS system and AT. I wanted to share this because I'm reasonably stoked to try it out and also to make version 2 (next fall).

    Now this is not super exciting, since you could just Quiver Killer yourself something along these lines. Although... it is pretty light (even though they're short - 177cm)

    The ski and all the binding parts weighed in at 2070g all in.

    But to the point. My next version is going to have an aluminum plate in the ski that has a keyhole pattern. I'm not sure how much of a weight penalty that will be, but I don't think it will be much (200g probably). This will allow for super fast binding changes between AT and TTS. To test this out I routed out the pattern in a piece of wood and profiled it to fit the inserts.

    Check out this nifty video to see a demonstration on my poorly milled piece of wood (Lifecycles is playing in the background... since the ski season is over)

    *Could the grammar police fix the thread title?
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    Nice work Alex. You might want to substitute a taller block for the unused TTS heel blocks in AT mode to keep the bellows from bending and causing a heel release.
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      Amazing might want to consider patenting the "keyhole" system or at least copyrighting the video.


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        Will screws be used to hold everything in place?
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          The block is pretty similar height to the block that Scarpa gives out with the F1. The block that they give out with the TX Pro is meant to be used with a toe piece with a riser on it, so the 8mm in this case seems adequate. It should also be noted that the Plum heal is designed to be used with a race toe that always pops up into a "lock" mode, so you should almost always be popping the toe in AT mode with this set up. I'll let you know if I have any pre-releases on my test runs. I'll try to beat to crap out of it.

          Thanks. I briefly thought about it, but I'm not sure its enough of an innovation to warrant anything. Is anyone (other than me) going to build this into a ski? not likely.. maybe another home builder, but they can go for it. In fact I'd probably send them my crappy Sketchup drawing. You could turn it into a binding plate, but then you'd be adding weight and I don't think there'd be much market for it. There are a lot of reasons to not do it. One of the best being that other people could maybe take it and tweak it without fear of legal repercussions. All that I ask is if someone does see this thread and use, just consult me beforehand. I'm more concerned about the future of tele, and if someone found a way to commercialize it and promote tele, SWEET. I'm sure Lee Lau could weigh in on this if he ever looks at the thread, but I don't think I could afford the bill (nor do I think there's a return on that investment).

          The Wheel:
          On the skis I just made, screws will hold everything in place, but it takes about 6 minutes per ski to switch and everything is pretty finicky (lots of small screws to lose). On the keyhole concept there are binding inserts that are screwed onto each binding piece that are meant to be semi-permanent. There are subtle things that I need to add in the CAD drawing to help everything "click" into place, but it's designed so that when in use, it will naturally want to be in it's "designated" position. I'll also mold some silicon plugs that will keep everything in place when the binding is not in use. I haven't had time to make a mold or anything yet, but they'll just pop into place. This will also keep snow and ice from building up under the plate. The workmanship will have to be accurate in this area to ensure that everything works the way it should.
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            that is sweet. I want it.

            consider making a refined proto of the concept that bolts to the ski as a riser. I could see that as something others would want too. extra weight, but easy binding changes are something people don't know they really, really want yet. The whole tele vs AT thing will eventually go away, and there will be segment of skiers that will do both and switch based on conditions, before lunch/after lunch/whatever. you can have one pair of boots, one pair of skis, and when you can switch out only a few bits of binding to make switch between them, people will do it more.

            on the patent front, FROM THE VIDEO, not sure the basic concept meets the "not obvious to someone skilled in the art" threshold. This is not a criticism at all, just patent talk. This type of mounting concept has been used before, check out slingshots kite and wake board footstrap/boot mounting system as an example. same type of keyholed slot. Some other thoughts, the rear arrangement with the rotate in tele heel and slide in AT heel may clear the not obvious hurdle because that is a novel arrangement. And the parts not shown in the video that you allude to allowing not to have the tighten the screws and just snap everything in may also clear the hurdle.

            And also on patents, having a patent does not stop anyone else from using the concept or design. it only prevents them from deriving profit doing it. That is why all of us tinkering with gear for our own use can feel free to ignore IP, we aren't making money on it. Patents are either expensive (lawyer) or a PITA (DIY) to get, almost always worthless, but very occasionally very valuable. But they are an ego boost, and its cool to get one, when you are a geek, like me.


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              Thanks Jasonq. That was a thought to make a riser... It just seemed like too much of weight penalty (to me), and I thought I might have trouble finding a thinner binding insert / similar fitting. I'll see if I can find something that would work with that thin of a plate.

              And thanks for the IP advice. I have a vague understanding of it from school, but at my university in Canada, they pretty much told us "any idea you have is ours! muhahaha"... so maybe that turned me off of patents. That and it just doesn't seem like I actually came up with much.
              No one cares that you can't tele