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What Toes work with TTS?

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  • What Toes work with TTS?

    Looks like dynafit is changing toes for next year, and appears to be a bad change for TTS...

    So i know the radical and vertical toes work fine. Same with non-dynafit radical/vertical style toes.

    the ION toes look like they would work.

    the Onyx toes don't have lockout, so that may or may not work

    the vipec toes just release a completely different way, and i don' think they would work.

    the beast toes have that turn-table design. In ski mode they can free-rotate, so that's bad. might work, but only in tour lock-out,

    the new radical 2 toes appear to have the same turn-table as the beast, so probably not the best choice either:
    New Dynafit backcountry skiing gear for 2014-15 promises to deliver, Radical 2.0 binding looks excellent, and new boot.

    But for all of the above that work, the retention in ski mode will be different due to different spring loads on the jaws.
    Anybody have any direct comparisons of what works better and why?

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    Minor correction. Onyx does have a lock-out mode. So, theoretically it can work with a TTS cable.

    I think the more likely practical limit is how much the hardware of any given toepiece extends behind the pins. The further a mounting plate, or crampon attachment point extends behind the pins, the more they reduce the available mounting position of the cable posts.

    For instance, a simple Vertical toe has a fair amount of plastic at the back of the toeplate. To mount the cable posts in the recommended position, this plastic plate needs to be chopped short. Not insurmountable, just a detail that needs to be accounted for. Except in the case of Ion, or Onyx, or Vipec, the material behind the pins may have some functional value that prevents simply chopping them. Especially with the Vipec.

    I'm not sure the angular movement of the Beast, ala the new Radical Roto, or the lateral movement of the Vipec is a deal killer. It just changes things and we won't know until we ski 'em and see. I thought for years that the 2-pins of the Dynafit system could never put up with tele abuse. I was wrong.

    ain't no turn like tele!


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      Yeah, as i think about the vipec, it might work, if one can work around the plastic extending off the back. As i understand the "lock out", its not really a lockout, more that it eliminates the elasticity in the binding. maybe that would be best as it would allow a release setting at the toe??? someone will have to try it to find out.

      and looking at the radical2 toe with the turn-table, it could still work, i think. it looks like a toe peice very similar to the current radical bolts on top of the turn-table mechanism. So one could take just that part off. the mount pattern may be more like the vertical that the radical, but looks like it could work.

      looks like you were using the ATK, did you experiment with the release setting in locked mode? if so, care to share your experience with that?