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Binding Mounting Position: tech toe and NNN BC

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  • Binding Mounting Position: tech toe and NNN BC

    Going to set up these Madshus Glittertinds for 2 scenarios.

    1) NNN-BC binding for use with Crispi Svartisens for touring, but also for a fair amount of Alaskan up and down telemark turning in places where these skis really have no business being.

    2) Dynafit tech toe for use with heavily modified F3s for long rugged wilderness trips.

    I only have one pair of Glittertinds and I need to borrow my wife's tech toe because I don't have one of my own, so what I'm going to do is have quiver killers installed for both the NNN-BC and tech toe. Swap 'em out when I need to, see?

    Can't overlap QKs though, so I have to move one of the bindings forward or backward. On the Glittertinds, the balance point is actually behind center chord about 2-3cm. My question is: which binding would be best to have further forward or backward?

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    Back of the envelope calculations: move the Dynafits forward, but I'd have to look at them and drink a few to know for sure.