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    The idea has me intrigued but these things seem to have a few years before they are dialed in for the general public. Granted, I suck in the ski tech field but from what I have gathered you need to drill/modify any boot for these bindings. Isn't that going to make a difference when you want to switch back to another tech binding, even if you remove that horseshoe looking thing that is required to ski the Beast. For a binding that is retailing for 1k I'd expect it to be a little more turn key than it appears.

    Id like to have the Beast on a set of skis but modifying manufacturer tech holes seems like a bad idea, especially for someone like myself who should not be allowed to use power tools on anything with value.

    Anyone played with any other boots besides a dynafit model with the Beast?

    Am I thinking clearly ?

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    You are definitely thinking clearly. I hadn't thought through the consequences of having the Beast in a quiver with other Dynafit bindings. In essence, it sounds like the Beast is wedded to a particular pair of boots, and vice versa.

    ain't no turn like tele!