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22D's "Outlaw" looks to be starting beta testing

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  • 22D's "Outlaw" looks to be starting beta testing

    I didn't end up with the beta email, saw it floatin' on facebook on the telemark ski forum. Pretty neat, looks pretty darn cool.
    Click image for larger version

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    from the dude's post:

    Hello Beta-testers!

    You are receiving this email because you have expressed interest in
    being a beta-tester for this sweet new binding.

    We have been busy here in the Tetons and we are in the final phases of
    creation for the new NTN binding, the Outlaw. The last of the materials
    should arrive this month and we have already begun construction. We
    should be ready to ship in early January.

    We are selling the Outlaw for $400, which is full retail price. If we
    need to make any significant changes next year, we will replace the
    binding or parts at no extra charge.

    It will have the same mounting pattern as all of our other bindings. The Outlaw uses the same tour mode switch as the Axl, allowing an easy
    transition between touring and skiing.

    There are no brakes, but we are working on a brake add-on kit for next
    fall. This binding is a step-in, but does not have a safety release. The large weighs about 3.5 lbs. The sizing on this binding is slightly different from our other bindings. Mondo size 26 and smaller will be a size small and 26.5 and up will be a large. You must get the binding that matches your boot.

    *Please reply with your size request if you are still interested, and we
    will send you the link to purchase it. **
    Chris, Collins, and Emily

    TwentyTwo Designs
    971 N Hwy 33
    Driggs, ID 83422
    phone (208) 354-0553
    toll free(866) 733-0553

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    Thanks for posting that. It's great seeing the options multiply.


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      No problem dschane. I shot 22D an email asking about getting in on the program. It appears there's a small waiting list that will probably move quickly due to the price. I'm tempted, but I think 400 is a bit steep for a pilot program. But if anyone is burning a hole on their skis for a simpler ntn I'd love to hear about it.


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        $400 is definitely steep for a pilot program. However, this is and has been SOP for 22D since the birth of the Hammerhead the most reliable and proven beta program of any binding company. Russell Rainey thought of it and it produced a design with nary a change until it was retired and replaced with the Vice. 22D has kept the beta program which charges full pop for an unproven design with the promise to provide whatever improvements result from the beta testers feedback at no charge. Since the beta testers have something at stake they are very forthright in their critcism of the beta binding. The HH saw dramatic changes between beta and final product, but almost nothing afterwards. Axl saw a few changes, but it was pretty dialed from the get go. In the end, everybody wins, but it is not without some risk. Hats off to 22D for sticking with the program, and.. for being up front about it.

        ain't no turn like tele!


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          I look forward to this. I broke one of the new pink plate NTN this week. That makes number 5 but the first of the pink plate ones and I was hoping those would be stronger. So far I have cracked 3 frames and split the chrome toe piece on two. This time it was the toe piece. They sent me new ones but I am tiring of this. With the boots being so comfortable it will be nice to have another choice for resort use.


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            Copycats, why do we need another NTN binding? Just kidding, couldn't resist.

            So stoked for 22D to get this out there. I broke NTN too and never liked the way either version skied compared to an Axl.

            Things that immediately seem like improvements over current NTN (based on one picture): Outlaw is a true step-in (which is negated if you use leashes), has an adjustable pivot, has the best heel riser (Hammerheel) of any binding (AT or tele) out there, and the tour mode switch is the same as the time tested Axl (which is better/easier than the Freedom IMHO). Love that the hole pattern is the same too and I can drop it into the same inserts holding my three pairs of Axls on my five pairs of skis - makes it a no brainer for me to add to my growing collection of tele gear.

            I actually like not attempting or calling it releasable and then having brakes be optional, but I assume this will be viewed as a step backward by the Rotte NTN fanbase. Looks like they are ramping the hell out of the toe to have it engage initially too. Even though the Freedom attempted to improve this, I still find the engagement delayed until my heel is lifted quite a bit.

            I also thought 22D was working on TTS too, or at least they announced that at OR last year when they unveiled the Outlaw. Wonder where they are at with that?

            Now, Scarpa can I please, pretty please have modern boots NTN next season to go with my new binding?
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              Originally posted by djhutch View Post
              Now, Scarpa can I please, pretty please have modern boots NTN next season to go with my new binding?
              Absolutely NOT!

              ain't no turn like tele!


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                No ski brake (which kind of negates the step in). So when you step in/out of the binding it takes off down the hill. No release, so that means it won't be safer for avy terrain. Those could be a deal killer.

                What does it offer exactly that you don't get with the Freedom? A Freedom binding, with inserts allows you to add/remove the brakes at will.
                I have both Freeride and Freedom bindings, have never broken anything.

                I agree we need better/new NTN boots. I am slowly skiing my Prophets to death. I have the TX Pro also, which fit my foot better, but I find the boot is too soft for good edge control.

                my 2c worth
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                  Originally posted by chamonix View Post
                  What does it offer exactly that you don't get with the Freedom?
                  .... Probably the same training wheels effect that keeps the "HH on 5" crowd from switching to AT...
                  the fall line is your friend.... resistance is futile


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                    To be fair, any innovation in Telemark boots and bindings is great


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                      Originally posted by chamonix View Post
                      I have the TX Pro also but find the boot is too soft.
                      Well there are two boots that are stiffer and one of them fits and weighs exactly the same.

                      I am very content with my choice in NTN boots. Granted the most common boots fit me really well. Sure I would love to have a carbon AT like BC boot but I would also like to have a full head of hair and the strength I had 20 years ago.

                      Here is what I am really tired of. Freerides: frames cracking, toe pieces splitting open, snow getting stuck under the flex plate and the boots getting sloppy in the binding once the system starts to fatigue. Freedoms: The tour mode popping open, having to dremmel the climbing bar base to keep the climbing bars up.

                      I could easily see me switching to a TTS or similar style set up for BC use but doubt you will ever convince me a tech toe is the way to go on a ski that you will ski bumps with or really want to carve a turn with lots of forces involved. So the real question for me is would I trade no brakes and no release for a good 22 design product. Possibly since I have considered numerous times going back to AXL's.

                      Actually I just realized one huge plus for the Freerides. When I send them in for warranty I remove the brakes and don't send back the mounting plate. The new ones they send me are a whole new binding so as of today I am 5 pairs of brakes and mounting plates ahead of the game. Wahoo.
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                        so what boot are you skiing? Crispi?


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                          He's skiing the TX Comp, exact same boot as the TX Pro but with stiffer plastic. I picked up a used pair for this season to try, but now I don't know. I have 4 seasons on NTN split between the TX, Prophet, and TX Pro with just one broken toe piece, sounds like if I "upgrade" to the TX Comp, I might start breaking things in a big way.
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                            I usually ski Comps at the resort and Pros I picked up used for the BC. I ski the TX boots for Spring mountaineering and Picked up a pair of the "Evo boots of death" used and crazy cheap on Ttips a few years ago.

                            I like the Comps the most but use the Pros in the BC most of the time just because I have them and pretend they tour a little better with the softer flex and the walk mode seems to work a little better. I am honestly not sure if any of this is true. I think the TX boot are amazing in there performance for weight but only ski spring snow with them. The Evos are crazy heavy and stiff and are great on race skis or groomers but a bit hard to flex quickly in the bumps or hard to flex at slower speeds just cruising around.
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                              BTW has anybody cracked the toe piece on a pair of Freedoms yet? It seems like all the Freeride toe pieces crack at the 90 deg bend above the pivot bolt. On the Freedom there is no bend there, the toe piece material runs straight down to the pivot bolt, no bends, the Freeride has 2 90 deg bends there right at a high stress area, not good. So it seems like Rotte is learning from their mistakes.