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Meidjo 3 broken clear spring casing

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  • Meidjo 3 broken clear spring casing

    Hi All, the back casing of the heel box spring (the clear plastic over the spring in what Meidjo calls the Spring Box) has completely shattered. The one on the other ski is cracked and will probably go at some point too. Does anyone know if I can buy that specific part somewhere? I don't see it on the Meidjo or local tele shop websites. Also, any pointers on why that might be happening? I tour a not sure if it's on the up, or the down.

    I've skiied twice without the casing, and there doesn't seem to be any problems yet, fyi.

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    Last edited by merski; 23 January 2023, 09:24 AM. Reason: Updated, as I see Meidjo calls this the Spring Box

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    Try Freeheel life if you haven’t yet


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      Thanks Telepherique, as an update to this, I got in touch with InWild/Meidjo, and they've agreed to send the part. I'm Europe-based, fyi, so not sure if they'd do it elsewhere.