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Twentytwo Designs working on a Dynafit toe NTN binding for 2015

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  • Twentytwo Designs working on a Dynafit toe NTN binding for 2015

    I don't know if this was posted earlier or is in one of Craigs articles, but I saw this little bit of news in a Backcountry Mag article and I don't remember srring it anywhere else before: "CV: Fall 2015 is the plan. There’s another binding that we’re working on with a tech-fitting toe for a true Dynafit-style tour mode."

    So that makes at least 5 groups working on Dynafit toe NTN tele bindings. TTS, Moonlight Skis, B&D and M Equipment.

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    Posted to quickly with out thinking it out, there are now 2 companies working on Dynafit toe and NTN bindings for tele, and 3 others working on Dynafit toe and tele heel cable bindings, still looks pretty good to me.


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      A Tech toe/NTN duckbutt combination could end up being the best overall design. Dealing with snow compaction and build up when in tour mode could be a doozie to deal with, however.

      I wonder what Voile are (too much World Cup) developing right now for the long term. Considering their long standing dedication to efficient human-powered transportation over the snow, they must be keeping tabs on the Tech toe developments, if not already getting into the game themselves behind the scenes. The climbing efficiency is undeniable.


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        Beta this winter.


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          ^^^That beta version doesn't have a tech toe.