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UTN binding prototype

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  • UTN binding prototype

    Toe Cage version
    ​​​​​​Base plate accepts 30 x 27 and 30 x 39 tech toes

    Demo of tour mode switch with spring box adapted to a Meijdo

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    I love it! Tell us more.


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      The spring box is absolutely smooth on the bottom to discourage snow pack. The claw allows for more preload which increases the initial tele resistance and the flip mode allows for a perfectly flat tour. I also added bearings to the spring box and pivot point so there is no play in the system.

      ​​​​​​The heel is preloaded down so you get immediate tele resistance like a TTS.
      Each binding is under 500 grams.


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        i love the way the 22D-eque cam works for entry and tour.

        one comment. previous versions of my binding had a similar riser to spring box interface to yours. And I found that snow can pack in between the spring box and riser, and cause the spring box be loose with the heel down. I made a major change to that interface to make it more likely to clear snow (and uses different rear screw holes). hard to tell for your vids, but i think yours looks like my bottom shot, but without the angles on the riser corners, or the preload adjuster bump on the spring box. the bottom version iced maybe 5 times last year. none super bad, noticable, but skiable. My version from from the year before lacked both those features and iced more (no pics) and to the point on several days i had to remove a ski to clear the ice. but i ski in the PNWet in some of the worst icing prone conditions there are.

        next years version on the top, last years on the bottom. We shall see if next years version fixes the issue.

        Click image for larger version

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          The nice thing about the flippable claw is you get 3mm of preload after entry. So in ski mode the spring box is already pulled away from the base plate approximately 3mm. This also gives a nice pre-tension so you get immediate tele resistance off the heel. It also eliminates the dead spots inherent in current designs. I was planning on anti-ice tape on the ski and bottom of the spring box, which has flat surfaces for the tape. All this said I have yet to test this on snow. I will be the first person at the trail head this fall for sure.

          Your design looks awesome, you definitely have a very great skill in creating 3D designs. Thanks for the design collaboration as finding folks passionate about telemark binding design is as rare as getting the Wuhan Institute of Virology to share information on their bat virus research.


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            Do you have production plans for UTN? Looks great!


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              It's a bit early in the development process. This winter we will be doing beta testing. Once we get the design bomb proof there's a range of products that could be manufactured. Just trying to gauge interest and get community feedback at the moment.


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                I REALLY like the idea of a duckbutt-connected tech toe tele binding that can easily transition between tour mode and ski mode with the flick of a pole, and am somewhat shocked that nothing like this exists already. Seems like you are barking up that tree - do you think it would be possible to pop yourself into and out of ski mode with a pole? Seems like the holy grail for those of us who end up on rolling terrain and have fishscale skis


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                  Yes you can go back and forth between ski mode and tour mode with the flick of a pole. I will post a video of that soon.


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                    Lots and lots of interest here, esp. if you need beta testers.