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New Rottefella XCD binding

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  • New Rottefella XCD binding
    Found this on TelemarkTalk. Interesting concept turning pin bindings around.

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    Interesting, finally a worthy succesor for the 3-pin? Will make the telelite people happy i guess (including me...)


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      It looks very very similar to the Dynafit P49 Pintec boot/binding. I wonder if they are licensing the patent. I'm sure it skis better than NNN & NNN-BC.

      The sole is a little perplexing to me. It's obviosly made for doing A LOT of walking. But it sure seems like the metal pins at the doe would get trashed is you do much walking. So why not make the sole more oriented to ski performance, with moderate walking capabilities (commensurate with how much walking it would take to damage the pins). Who knows, maybe testing has found that the pins hold up extremely well.

      I wonder if this type setup will make inroads with the on-piste fitness-skinning community?

      Click image for larger version

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        I see some issues.

        Are the pins spring loaded? If so, how do you get them to engage their holes when iced up?

        Since the sole appears to have no provision for a heel cable, is the toe bumper really all that makes the design not a free pivot? Can its resistance be adjusted?

        As for replacing 3-pins, I don't see this system doing anything for the mid range boots that excel in 3-pins- the Excursion to T2 range of boots.

        This new system could easily improve on NNN, and leather 75mm gear. Better than nothing, but still doesn't fill the huge void between the Alpina Alaska and the TX-Pro. So a good idea, but one that could have and needed to be much better.


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          Originally posted by scandinavianoutdoor

          The Xplore system redefines ski touring, increases the pleasure of skiing and opens possibilities for new adventures. The binding and the flex point in the sole let you ski naturally and efficiently, so you can cover longer distances, climb with less effort and improves the grip. The stability in the system and the integrated ankle support improves the ski handling and makes you a better skier. The stability of the binding and the boots will make it possible to drive even demanding downhill runs. Step in and out of the binding with ease and an outsole designed for walking in winter terrain.


          Backcountry skiing with greater stability than normal BC equipment for more varied experiences. The Xplore system is intended for a wide range of uses, from day trips in forests and fields to multi-day trips in the high mountains.
          I suppose it gives a tighter boot/binding interface than three pin bindings, which get sloppy over time without a heel cable to wedge the boot in the toe bail. So, then you get a tighter interface to make better turns plus you have no heel cable to restrict your kick and glide.

          The text says "make it possible to drive even demanding downhill runs".... It seems like a system that's trying to improve "kick and glide" efficiency and give more powerful meadowskipping turns with a lighter weight, more durable, more versatile, system than 3 pins... I don't know about the "demanding downhill runs" part of their claim...
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